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Cannot find more backlash in Lone Star Lake


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It's a mission, not a challenge, but I found no better place to ask:
I got enough backlash for the invisible line to get the monster mission done, but I cannot get a single more backlash for the underwater trash mission. Is it back luck or is the number of items limited in a location? I searched for several IRL and in game days round Lone Star Lake to no avail.

Are there other waterways where I may get some backlash?

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Unfortunately I cannot edit my original post:

I did research regarding this topic and only found a vague hint

Saint Croix, northern pike spot, the weeds there have backlash for golem mission

If the number of this items is limited it wouldn't be clever to use them for another mission?


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Top water lure or float set shallow with free red worm from compost heap as you will lose your bait, cast from bridge into Lilly pads and keep snagging Lilly pads out of water, discard Lilly pads and after snagging several times a piece of trash will be cought this may or may not be backlash but don't forget that other items need to be collected for other challenges, eventually all items that can be cought  can be snagged from the same spot. The weeds branches and bark for some of the other challenges are specific to the waterways where they grow. If you find a good snag spot stick with it. Don't forget to keep room for items you need to keep.

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Thanks so much for your suggestions. I tried it for a while in Lone Star Lake (different spots, lily pads, weeds, surface and bottom, different lures) and pulled out about 50 but not a single backlash.

Finally, I went to Lesní Víla Fishery and got the backlash on my second cast in the very first lily pad. 

Bottom line: don't get stuck at the location if you don't get the item you are looking for.


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