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How to catch Channel Catfish at Lone Star Lake with Lure (Spinning)?


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I catched some Channel Catfish for the Lone Star Exploration II mission with a float rod.

The fish description gives an advise for lures too (Craws and Crayfish), so I give spinning a try. I must admit I have no experience in fishing IRL.

I tried different in game days and times, also at night as I understand Catfish is nocturnal. Hook sizes from #2 to #2/0 (Catfish seems to have a large mouth), different lures and many locations (especially the deeper regions) did not do the trick.

What am I missing?

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Yes, (most) catfish have large mouths, I think it could be a matter of size, they don't get any bigger than Young at Lone Star (not saying it can't be done though). You're more likely to get one on a lure at Mudwater (or other higher level waterways in which they reside). The deeper areas are the places to try for them and the larger ones tend to be more active during the night time.  

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