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[Steam] [PS] Meet The New Drop Campaign - Catfish Master's Drops!


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Hello anglers!

The holidays are behind us, but we continue to come up with new surprises for you. We’d like to invite you to take part in the new Twitch Drops Campaign — Catfish Masters Drops! For the first time, a campaign will run for both Steam and PlayStation at the same time!

All you have to do is watch Twitch streams from January 26th to 31st and receive boxes! This time they will have everything you need to take on Catfish!

In order to start receiving prizes you need to:

  • if you play on PC: connect your Steam account to your Twitch account

  • if you play on PlayStation: connect your PlayStation Network account to your Twitch account

  • watch broadcasts marked with a special icon!

  • Regardless of the platform the streamer uses, you will receive boxes for the platform you’ve connected to Twitch.

If you watch 30 minutes of the broadcast, you’ll get Twitch Catfish Baits Box S containing:

  • 1,000 Experience Points and 1,000 Credits

  • 25 Leeches

  • 25 Night Crawlers

If you watch 60 minutes of the broadcast, you’ll get Twitch Catfish Baits Box M, which includes:

  • 1,000 Experience Points and 1,000 Credits

  • 10 Small Cutbait

  • 10 Medium Cutbait

If you watch 90 minutes of the broadcast, you’ll be rewarded with Twitch Catfish Baits Box L containing:

  • 1,000 Experience Points and 1,000 Credits

  • 5 Frogs

  • 5 Large Cutbait

  • 5 Huge Cutbait

Finally, those viewers who’ve spent 120 minutes watching the broadcast will receive Twitch Catfish Baits Box XL, where they will find:

  • 1,000 Experience Points and 1,000 Credits

  • 10 Chicken Livers

  • 10 Large Livers

  • 10 Meat Chunks

  • and 1 BaitCoin!

Enjoy the streams and tight lines!

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7 hours ago, Spiro said:

Same thing. I don't understand how to do this particular drop.

Follow the instructions by PH_Carpman99  to link Steam or PS to your twitch account, then simply watch any fishing planet stream on twitch that has drops enabled. Qualifying streams will have a tag under the stream title that will say "drops enabled".

Watch the stream long enough to qualify for the drop. At the top right of the stream page you will see a red number appear next to the envelope icon when you have recived the first drop. Click the envelope icon to open a drop down list of notifications, the top most, should tell you you have qualified for a drop, right click the notification, and open link in a new tab. The new tab will be the twitch inventory page, look through the game list for fishing planet, and you should find a list of the possible drops, one of which will show a claim button, click it to have the drop sent to your fishing planet account. Keep the inventory tab open while you watch the stream until you have claimed every drop as you qualify for them.


NOTE for BTTV users, ensure you have Prime promotions enabled to receive drop notifications.

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Thanks for your support, I got it to work. Just watch any of the Fishing Planet Channels with the "Drops" tag set.

First I needed to

  1. Connect Twitch to Steam (from within twitch), Stream credentials necessary
  2. Connect Twitch to Fishing Planet (from within twitch), just a click on a button

After starting Fishing Planet today I received the Boxes. Thanks for sponsoring 🙂


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