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[Steam] [PS] Meet The New Drop Campaign - Bream Frenzy Drops!


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Hello anglers!

It’s obvious that the tradition of regular Twitch Drops Campaigns has become popular among our anglers. That’s why we’re pleased to invite you to take part in another campaign: Bream Frenzy Drops! Once more, this will be a giveaway for both Steam and PlayStation Network at the same time!

As always, you’ll need to watch Twitch streams marked with a special icon from February 14 to February 21 and receive gift boxes! This time, we’ve filled them with everything you need for catching Bream!

In order to start receiving prizes you need to:

  • if you play on PC or PlayStation: connect your Steam or PS account to your Twitch account 


  • just start watching broadcasts marked with a special icon!

  •  FishingPlanet_Logo_Twitch.png.cc6deb5bbd7c94a792abcb7db7b2d4bb.png

  • Regardless of the platform the streamer uses, you will receive boxes for the platform you’ve connected to Twitch. You can only connect one platform.


If you watch 30 minutes of the broadcast, you’ll get Bream Frenzy Box S containing:

  • 1,250 Experience Points and 1,250 Credits

  • 25 Maggots

  • 25 Caster Maggots

  • 25 Yellow Maggots

  • 25 Red Maggots

Those who watch 60 minutes of the broadcast will get  Bream Frenzy Box M with the following:

  • 1,250 Experience Points and 1,250 Credits

  • 50 Peas

  • 50 Sweet Peas

  • 1 Big Riverine Breamer groundbait pack

Finally, those who spend 90 minutes watching the broadcast will receive Bream Frenzy Box L, where they’ll find:

  • 1,250 Experience Points and 1,250 Credits

  • 25 Caddis Larva

  • 1 Oilcake-Pea particles pack

  • 1 Hemp-Corn particles pack

  • 1 BigBream Spicy aroma pack

  • 1 BaitCoin!


Enjoy the streams and tight lines!

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