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Profile Reset - Restart the the Game

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I know there aren't many people who still play The Fisherman, and fewer people who use this forum to discuss/share information about this game. However, I still enjoy playing The Fisherman and would kind of like to revitalize this forum for those who still need help, or want to share experiences.

To preface this topic, I play on the XBOX One Series X only. I understand experiences may be different if played on other platforms, especially Steam.

Recently, I have reset my profile, in order to play the game from the beginning. I most enjoy playing this game when there is a goal, and progression. I like playing the missions and completing the challenges.

As others have commented, any of the DLC (Blue Crab Island, Predator Boat Pack, and Trophy Catch Pack) that was purchased, is lost after you reset your profile.

On the XBOX, I have yet to find a way to restore that lost DLC after a profile reset. If I want it, I will have to purchase it again.

Does anyone else have knowledge or experience with this issue?

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