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I've been playing for about a year and half now and it seems that every competition, sponsored or custom comps, I seem to play with the same set of players all the time.

Is there a way to get this mixed up so that we can play with others around the globe? I'm in Colorado, USA. 

Just curious!

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There aren’t algorithmically imposed geographical restrictions to competitions and tournaments. All players regardless of location enter the same instance and play.  If you are seeing the same players in the competition it is likely because these players regularly play that competition. Many old timers only play competitions after the max level has been reached, since the game currently provides little incentive to do otherwise. Simply adding more silver credits or more XP to these already inflated bank accounts seems pointless.   If you are seeing the same players in your mini lobby it is because the timing of your entrance likely coincides with theirs.  Having in-game friends may increase your chance of being put in a comp lobby with them if space is available, but that is just an observation.

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