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Walker Colors Question

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Does anyone know what's the difference between the various Walker colors?

Natural vs. Acid Tiger vs Perch?

It looks like Natural is the darkest, followed by Acid Tiger (green/yellow) and perch (yellow/orange)?

Also, which is better for use on muddy waters/cloudy/rainy days vs. clearer water/sunny days?

The colors seems to all blend together so I am having trouble figuring out what to buy to match where I plan to fish.



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Le jeu étant très réaliste, je te conseille de faire comme dans la vrai pêche. Tu chosis la couleur en fonction de l'eau et du posson que tu veux pêcher. Si tu es dans des eaux boueuses, un leurre avec des couleurs très marquées (jaune, rouge) seront plus efficaces alors que si les eaux sont plus claires, les poissons verront ces couleurs trop inhabituelles c'est pourquoi je te conseille d'opter pour un leurre avec des couleurs plus naturelles (marron vert ou blanc). De toute facon ce n'impacte pas trop ta fréquence de morsure. Le conseil le plus avisé que je peux te donner est de prendre un leurre fluorescent pour la pêche de nuit, la différence avec un leurre classique est frappante.

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We dont know just how much they went into lure colors but if they did their research colors are chosen by how much light is able to pass through the water.

Red light only passes through about the first 8ft, while blue reaches about 40ft.

For clear conditions you want colors near the red spectrum. Yellows orange reds.

Partly cloudy i believe is simulated for "changing" conditions, and i use multi color lures on different ends of the spectrum, like the pink and black single spoon, rainbow spinners or cranks etc.

On cloudy days i use more blues and natural colors in general. Blue browns greens black and white.

In lower light conditions mixed colors like purple are good for testing too, because it consists of red and blue, allows you to fish more depths with a single lure.

Nothing is set in stone, fish species are different, and still requires testing, but the above is a good starting point.

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Thanks for the tip! 

I am hoping they can better define what color exactly is Natural vs. Acid Tiger vs Perch.  I am only going by the picture, but it's a bit fuzzy.

Is Perch darker than Acid Tiger and Acid Tiger darker than Natural?

I am assuming that Acid Tiger is in the middle range (green/yellow) in color and thus require bait coins since it works best under most conditions.

Any help in defining what these colors are would be great.


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