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Welcome Char Charger’s Open!


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Spring’s drawing to a close with summer about to take it’s rightful spot. What better way to close the season than with one of the most exciting Tournaments you’re gonna see this year! Char Chargers Open is all about catching the many fish pertaining to the Char genus, which means all your favorite kinds of Trout! Held on the North America’s top Trout fishing destinations - from the cold and beautiful banks of Alaska’s Kaniq Creek, to the breathtaking Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan and the snowy Canadian White Moose Lake, this exciting event will have you competing with fellow anglers in 2 preliminary Qualifiers as well as the Semifinal and the Final Round that’ll settle the dispute of who’s the Char Champion once and for all!

Best anglers will get unique tackles as a reward: Rivertex™ CCO Champ Fishing Cap, X-Series Rocket™ 270, X-Series PowerBolt™ 5500

Char Charger’s Open will be held May 18th through May 22th, with the Registration starting on May 17th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

17th of May - Registration for the Tournament begins.
18th of May - Qualifier 1 on Alaska’s Kaniq Creek.
19th of May - Qualifier 2 on Michigan’s Lake Saint-Croix. 
21th of May - Semifinal Round on the snowy White Moose Lake way out in Canada.
22st of May - the Grand Finale on White Moose Lake.


Take advantage of the opportunity to get special Char Charger's Pack!



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