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Char Charger's Open: Qualifier 2 Results

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Hey there, anglers! The 2nd and final Qualifier is officially over and we’re sure you’ve done your best to outperform and outsmart other anglers and make it to the Top-30! We are happy to announce the 30 names that will move on to the next stage of this heated competition - the Semifinal Round on May 21th! These lucky anglers are listed below. 
But if you’re name’s not on the list, don’t let that get you down. Summer is coming and there’ll be plenty more Tournaments and Competitions for you to prove yourself in. Just make sure to sharpen those skills in the meantime! Tight Lines!wink.png

1    Stonedrabbit54
2    NastyaT6999
3    Geojr3
4    i Mad DuDe
5    PatoMancoJR
6    BlackPlague7983
7    sneakiecat
8    Bob516249
9    jerem456
10    DaSpozz
11    Kingjeffrey1209
12    GTz TurboTurtle
13    I Greym I
14    sly10000
15    shamba3899
16    TontoKavalaris
17    Vem Bug
18    laK Carpin
19    PillowTalk82
20    ENDoftheLlNE
21    nM Kugamir
22    PushedSugar9511
23    Khord85
24    VikiVesper
25    JavaApps2
26    AIPutin2412
27    mk1baz
28    TitlingCar38559
30    Papy27100


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