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Gifts for friends

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While that would appear to be a nice gesture on behalf of FP, that would not be right, fair, or good for the existing player base or the future.  There are many reasons I can list that would make this a bad idea, but I will expand on one.  It would likely adversely affect the economic business model, reduce revenue and impact growth and development of the game.  Imagine if that gifting you describe was done with a DLC, was also executed by your friend at a future date, then also by his friend, etc and so on.   Now imagine if every current player in the game did the same for each of their friends. The number of players who would be playing with equipment that had already been purchased with real or in game currency would exponentially multiply. If you want your friend to level up to your level, pass on your knowledge of the game to him, or if you are on the Xbox platform send him a DLC as a gift from the Xbox store. There are some DLC’s that permit the action of gifting.




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