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Why I quit/My feedback as a new player


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Hello, this message if for the developers, their support department and also new players like me who could be very disappointed with the following experience.

1. Started the game 5 days ago, enjoyed it, and went up to rank 20 with 20k balance.

2. I registered to a competition (trout fishing at Falcon Lake) as I found the price very attractive (only a fee of 200 mentioned in the competition details). I buy all the equipment needed and wait for the competition to come.

3. At the time of the competition, I was expecting a teleport to the destination. After all we are in a game, I paid the competition fees, so I assume it is all included. At the due time, nothing happens so I understand I have to pay for the trip. Over 6k. Kind of disappointing but ok, let’s go for it, I still have over 10k on my balance.

4. Arrived onsite it ask me to get a license. As I saw in competition rules that I don't need to keep the fishes to score, I assume that this is a glitch in the game, or that the license is available for the ones who want to keep their fishes after the competition. I decline buying the license as I don't keep them.

I fish a trout, release it and get a fish verification. No fine. I assume this is a good confirmation of what I was thinking, don't need a license as long as I don't keep the fishes. I mean, who would let me register and come to the lake for a competition without all due authorizations in real life? I then get 1 other fish verification without fine so I am pretty confident that I do everything right.

5. Another trout fished, receive a first fine of 10k. Big disappointment, I am ruined now and probably left with 0 to 3k on my account. I decide to keep fishing in the contest so I can at least have a chance to get my money back if I win, and as I have almost nothing left in the bank, I don't assume worse can happen.

6. Another trout, another 10k fine. I check my balance, its -17 000 or something. Ho ok, how could I be so dumb to not anticipate a negative balance on a game? I mean, the shop don't take loan to buy baits when you don't have the cash for it, but for the fines no problem, they can put me in negative??

7. I leave the competition and realize I am not stuck to minus 20k, can't travel or buy consumable anymore.

8. Fish again for 3-4hours with what I have left, I recover 4k, have no baits for buffalos anymore, no more license for fishing bass.

9. I contact the support regarding this issue, they tell me about the license rules, and advise me to fish bass with the 3 gold I have left.

10. I explain that I have too much to recover to find the game interesting anymore and that I would like my 20k back, as the competition costs are quite hidden and unfair to the player.

11. They tell me they don't care this how the game is made.

12. Post on the forum about it, put a negative review on steam.

13. Uninstall the game and move on.

Nice but short experience though.


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Hello, funny how the support team moved my last post which is a vote call, into a locked topic. How the community is suposed to give their feedback into a locked topic? I re open it here to let people say what their experience is. Hopefully you have nothing to hide and no reson to delete my post again as it is a legit question regarding the gameplay and the support behind it. So here is my vote again :

This is a kind of "vote", where I am just asking for the feedback of other players regarding their experience with FP customer support (namely Diana.S) who pretend to be the head of the customer service.

In a previous post, I explained how fishing planet is somehow scamming people from their money using competition and events as a way to get new players in financial troubles. I adressed the issue (lost 30k at once) and the reply was I can either get my account reset or to pay 35 euros to get back where I was, after spending 5 days of intense play.

I adressed my disapointment and Diana.S told me that this game is a simulation and probably too hardcore for me. I was wondering what do you guys experience with the level of support from fishing planet, and do you think the simulation aspect of the game is the problem here? Or maybe the business model is the problem?

What do you guys think?

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19 hours ago, Hollowman357 said:

Hello, funny how the support team moved my last post which is a vote call, into a locked topic. How the community is suposed to give their feedback into a locked topic? I re open it here to let people say what their experience is. Hopefully you have nothing to hide and no reson to delete my post again as it is a legit question regarding the gameplay and the support behind it.

This topic is open for other player's opinion but there is wouldn't be another answer from support team. As I mentioned before, game rules the same for all players. 

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Hollowman, I can do you 1 better. I was away from the game for 2 years. Decided for the heck of it to see if anything changed. No new places to fish. Now pointless Kayaks, and apparently all my gold acquired is now there's again. So, I play and find that issues I had years ago, still exist. Magic line that just keeps going out in Alaska and never stops, cranks that don't operate correctly. Seeing as they all seem to do the same thing no matter the depth, and I seem to have this interesting physics defying cranks that sit halfway down, and don't surface unless they feel like it. One might say it means a fish. Yet, no fish when I attempt to set hook, no movement of line to suggest it. Just broken, as usual. But, I come to discover on top of issues such as the horrible line mechanics, there are new fun glitches, or someeboby's idea of realism. LOLOL  Such as the bobber dancing, spinning and flying all over the place in Michigan. Again, you'd think hit. But, no indication of even the slightest movement in the right corner strike indicator, and it just pushes around the bobber, then stops over and over. As you waste hours watching it do it. Pull in line while it occurs, no indication that the bait was pulled away from a fish. So, you get to waste hours watching this bobber fly around the board, might eventually get a hit, or nor who knows. Funny, because if that were actually supposed to be a strike, 100% of the world would of set the hook in real life if the bobber was in fact cruising all around the lake. Half the time it just pushes the bobber into the weeds where you get snagged, and pull in stupid junk, and lose the bait, so you can spend a grand for 5 minnows. LOLOLOL Line mechanics keep coming up as being improved in the updates, but they have gotten worse. When you twich the line and the lure doesn't respond at all. Thats not fixed. Lift and drop is now a trainwreck. Cranks don't even respond to the pole or line movement on retrieval, and I actually now get different lengths in casting that vary....Lake to lake. So, Fishing Planet has determined that the laws of physics don't seem to apply equally in Michigan and Alaska. Seeing as the same rig casts 50 ft further in Michigan. LOLOL I could go on and on. But, thats not why I wrote. i wrote because I posted about the fact that they have fixed nothing, offer nothing new, and in 2 years, just found new ways of trying to bleed players wallets to pay for the glitches, and the new ones now. They've taken anything "unique" pardon the pun, and entertaining away. They still promise all this stuff to come tomorrow, yet its still the same boring video game where you catch fish in 2 spots and all that they list as realistic, is cosmetic. LOL  There are no peak hours, I've never moved forward to a better time. In fact i start from sun up and catch fish over and over in the designated video game spots, and they slowly stop biting all together. Oddly, usually by the top of the "peak" hours. Weather conditions, peak hours and all that BS IS a joke. Its cast to the designated spawn areas over and over and thats the extent of the realism or variety. LOL So, anyways. I post that they've fixed nothing, and broken even more. Thats an honest statement. Funny thing is, I sign back on, and my equiptment is all messed up. Bait I've been using right along is gone, stuff is no in the home, that has been in my backpack. I now go to the spots that I've fished REPEATEDLY EVERY DAY. That I've been sure to keep track of the average of about 40-50 lbs an hour. No matter what type of day or time. Funny, now its 6 lbs in an hour, and not a single bite, or even the right fish for the spot. I calculated, because I was curious and found my answer. They obviously saw the comments, and showed that they are capable of doing something about it. They could of fixed the issues I mentioned, but instead they just broke my guy instead. So, my guess if you can do this to an individual account, then you need to wonder how fair their game is. Especially when it seems it just seems to be the same people winning the competitions. But hey, you want to have your wallet picked clean by this garbage. I set out to see what would happen if I raised hell about their game. Fact my stuff was taken and they obviously messed with settings so that I can't get more then 5 lbs an hour, just out of the blue. LOL  So, I'm with ya, this game is a scripted, phony sham and scam.

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I guess this is the state of gaming now? Paying money for products that don't function and haven't been testing properly before release? Pretty disappointing. I've had nothing but utter frustration trying to fish with the new feeder gear. Pick up a rod, all the meters go red, avatar flipped around backwards, game freezes. Like five different types of problems that all result in a frozen game with no way to quit other than killing the process. Also extremely difficult to stay connected to the game, which I don't have with any other title, so it must be a problem with their servers. Seeing responses here from support are extremely curt bordering on rudeness, I can't stay I will return to this title. After looking the rampant hacking that goes on in the competitions, with videos on youtube showing the hacks...the game mechanics are exceptionally rudimentary. Very disappointed in the progress made since I looked at this last. Hard not to reach the same conclusion as the post above mine.

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As 1 of the beta testers I can tell you that we've put in hundreds of hours of testing. The feeder / bottom rods do work very nice, but they (apparently) still have some issues that are being worked on. Its unfair to just state that things arent tested as you dont know whats going on behind the scene.

Just saying there are bugs are not going to get them fixed. Please report the bugs and send the output log to support@fishingplanet.com so it can be investigated.

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I have a few things to say about all of this.


1. This is a free game. As such I don't feel anyone is entitled to anything. No one is owed anything for something they did not pay for and spending your time playing something that took real work hours to build isn't a refundable endeavor. It's like asking for a refund for a free meal because you didn't get exactly what you ordered. 

2. It's really simple to just fish the starter lakes and make money even if it's slow money. You don't need to jump into competitions if you don't even understand the concept of a license. 

3. A fishing license, everywhere I've ever been, is for fishing. it's not a "keeping fish" license. If you're fishing, you need a license. 

4. I have fished professional fishing events and you can register without a license. There's no tracking information attached to your license that a private individual could access anyhow and tournaments are privately held events, not run by governments. However when you show up to fish and get your starting position, you have to show your fishing license. If you don't have it, you don't get a refund. Also, if the lake you show up to fish has an entrance fee, you have to pay it. It's not included in the cost of the event. They also don't magically transport you to the lake. You have to spend money to travel there with your boat in tow, pay for lodging and meals and any incidentals. 

5. If I can be successful in this game so can anyone else. You just have to focus on your budget and learn to use lures that are not consumable like bait is. 

6. Competitions are for people who either built the bankroll to absorb a possible loss + travel OR for someone who is willing to spend the real money to buy the funds needed to avoid the grind. 

7. You should not just be able to contact support and say "oops, I messed up, can you give me back my in game money?" as that would totally remove the risk factor of decision making in the game. Yes there are issues and aspects of the game that could be much better, like tutorials and such, but you didn't read what was there in front of you and you weren't even concerned enough to stop digging the hole when you were fined in the 1st place. Had you spent nearly as much time reading those instructions as you did creating rants online about it you'd be still growing your account. 

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the topic here was fishing without a license! people have forgotten that and gone off on all kinds of rants and complain about lots of different things that have nothing to do with the topic.

first, it's unfortunate when ppl get upset about things to the point that they quit the game. i wish some compromise or something could have been found instead. i don't have the answers.

but i know that when i started in 2016 there was little or no warning at all about fishing without a license. at some point i am sure i remember seeing that a lot of warnings had been added to the game. ( i don't know if it was before or after this post started) so, the initial problem of getting fined because you didn't know or forgot about a license has been fixed! you even get a warning now when your license is about to expire! thank you devs!

this is an old post. idk what else could be done. if you have issues that need to be talked about, start a new post, or add to ones dealing with your topic of concern. now lets move on. i'm pretty sure Hollowman has.




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