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[Steam] [PS] Meet The New Drop Campaign - Khan Drops!


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Hello anglers!

Keeping our tradition of giveaway on the Twitch platform, we are happy to present another Twitch Drops Campaign dedicated to the release of the new waterway in faraway Mongolia - Khan Drops Campaign! In the boxes you will find unique baits that are simply adored by the inhabitants of the Selenge River!
This time, we’ve prepared a surprise for those who will receive the largest box, which contains an Advanced License for one day for a new river!

All you need to join new Drop Campaign and receive gift boxes, just to watch streams marked with a special icon on Twitch from the 5th of July to 10th of July! In these gift boxes, we’ve collected everything you need to explore a new waterway!
To start receiving prizes, you need:
·     if you play on PC or PlayStation, connect your Steam account to your Twitch account

·     watch broadcasts marked with a special icon!
·     Regardless of the platform the streamer uses, you will receive boxes for the platform you’ve connected to Twitch.
If you watch 30 minutes of streams, you’ll get Small Khan Box containing:
·     500 Experience Pointsand500 Credits
·     50 pcs of Oat-flakes

If you watch 60 minutesof the broadcast, you’ll be rewarded with Medium Khan Boxwith the following:
·     800 Experience Points and 800 Credits
·     25 pcs of Boiled Red Roe
·     50 pcs of Curd Dough 

For those of you who will watch 90 minutes, we’ve prepared Large Khan Box containing:
·     1000 Experience Points and 1000 Credits
·     25 pcs of Sideswimmers
·     20 pcs of Bark Beetle Larva

Those viewers who’ve spent 120 minutes watching the broadcast will receive Huge Khan Box containing:
·     1000 Experience Points and 1000 Credits
·     10 pcs of Common Minnow
·     Advanced License For 1 day for Mongolia
·     And one BaitCoin!

Enjoy the streams and tight lines!

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So the Xbox players are just an afterthought to you?  All your twitch drops have been for PC/Steam players and the PSN network.  Kind of feels like a proverbial middle finger to ignore us with the drops.  We spend real cash buying addons and baitcoins for this game too but sometimes it feels like you were forced to put this game on the Xbox and you really didn't want to.

I mean, almost a year ago you posted in a reply to another player asking about Xbox players:

FPdimsam - Posted September 30, 2021
On 9/28/2021 at 10:31 AM, SnP Fishing said:
"What about ps/xbox players???"

Unfortunately we have no information yet.

Did you happen to ask/email anyone to find find out that information or did just give that response, move on because you really didn't care and forget about it?

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24 minutes ago, FPdimsam said:

Of course we asked. Unfortunately there were no opportunities to switch on Twitch drops on the XBox platform at that time. Thanks for the reminder, we'll look into this in the near future.

I'm not sure I understand.  The instructions are here for managing the Twitch drops as a developer so I'm not sure why that wasn't able to be done. They just had to register as the owners of the game on the Xbox console in Twitch Developer, then click the buttons for Steam, PS4 and Xbox to add them all as part of the drops campaign.  Doesn't take 10 months to do that.  There are youtube videos which guide developers through setting up twitch drops for all the different systems out there (mobile, PS, Steam, Xbox, etc).  

Also, I'm not sure what 'no opportunities to switch on Twitch drops on the XBox platform' means as three other cross platform games, just before and during this Twitch drop event were able to enable Xbox twitch drops alongside PS4 and Steam users.   You wouldn't need any of the Xbox streaming 'influencers' to enable twitch drops for the Xbox twitch drops to be enabled either so not sure what opprotunity was missed.

Again, it's been over 10 months so I'm not holding my breath on if you all will actually look into this. I'm just one guy, dropped a few dollars on the game and will continue to use it so you all have my money.  I won't be buying the Congo or Amazon DLC or any future DLC or anymore baitcoins until you start including Xbox along with the twitch drops and stop making things exclusive to Steam/PS4.

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I Stream this a lot - and I play the "XBox/PC Windows" version, not the PC Steam version.  And so do a considerably high amount of players judging by the in-game rooms.

Please enable drops for XBox/Windows version too.
Its a bit unfair that I'm promoting Drops for platforms I don't actively play on.

Its like..
"You, you're eating a black cake, here have a free fork and napkin"
"Your eating a Blue Cake, you get a fork and a napkin"
"You have a green cake... I'm.. I'm sorry, but you don't get a fork or a napkin - You have to eat with your fingers and clean up your own mess whilst handing out forks to Black and blue cake eaters."

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