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Leader Always Broken

Misaka Mikoto

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Good fish my friend, i still new in this game and my level currently at 8. I want to complete my mission Lesni Vila Exploration 2 which required me to catch common carp. The thing is my leader is always broke. Im using braid 0.18mm with mono leader 0.12. I've tried using titanium leader but there's wasn't sign of fish biting it. Is there any tips for me


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The reel (max drag 19 kg) is not suited to that rod (line weight 1 - 3.25 kg), you'll need to either use a very low drag setting or get a level 8 CrucianHunter 3000 (max drag 3kg) ($3710) reel, careful with the drag setting though (don't set it too high) because the line (3.6 kg) looks like it's a little heavy to be used on that setup and you could end up breaking the rod. You really should have the level 11 or 12 braid 0.15 mm (2.7 kg) for that setup.

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Most people play with and advocate a "balanced setup".  A balanced setup is simply a way of saying your line (or leader) should be your weakest point of contact to prevent possible gear breakage (to your rod or reel).  However, as your screen shot shows there is a bit more to it as your reel a way more powerful than your rod and line.

With reels to find out how much drag you are using you have to take the max drag of the reel and divide that by the number of drag settings (8 for the reel you are using).  This reel can only be used with your setup with the drag set at the lowest (1) which would apply 2.38 kg of drag.  With your setup this will result in breaking whichever part of your setup is the weakest (in your case, your leader).  Regardless of which reel you use you must understand how much drag is applied with each setting or you will continue to run into such issues.

Breaking down your screenshot your equipment rating are:

Rod: Max 3.25 kg

Reel: Max 19 kg

Line: Max 3.6 kg

Leader: Max 0.9 kg

Clearly we see the leader is the weakest and where your breakage is occurring as even at the lowest setting your reel is going to apply more drag (2.38 kg) than the leader can handle (0.9 kg).  With a Mono 0.14 mm leader you could use this setup (again with the drag set to a max of 1) as the leader is rated to 2.5 kg which is higher than the 2.38 kg drag the reel would apply at setting 1.

As PH_Carpman99 has pointed out if you happen to use a leader stronger than the rod rating you could just s easily break your rod as your line and reel are stronger.

There are online tools and references where the work has been done to make this much easier for you such as noted in my topic here:


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