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Easiest Historical Fish to Catch?


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Working on trying to finish the Historical Catcher III achievement and am wondering what's the easiest fish to catch?

I think it's the Butterfly or the Large mouth bass, but am wondering if there are anything else?

Also, is it possible or easier to catch these fishes with non-event lure?  I think I caught them before, but haven't used other lures enough to figure what is easier.

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Not sure which would be the the easiest to catch, have you tried setting up a rod holder, casting out your lure setups and then setting off a firework ? Or maybe suggest taking turns with other anglers to launch the fireworks if they're trying to achieve the same goal as you. Firing cannons and setting off fireworks should increase the bite rate of the Historics. Yes, you can catch them with non-event lures, but using the event lures for the specific fish at the waterway would be the way to go about it (I believe).


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I just got the History Catcher Achievement III!!!  Here's what I found out after fishing for a few hours in Alaska:

1) Alaska definitely is better than Everglades.  I filled my 1,300 lb net with up to like 14 Historicals per day with rest being normal fish.

2) Using bait doesn't seem to work. I caught zero historicals using bottom rods out of like 100 fish.  All of the historicals came from spinning -- all using the event lure.  I tried using other lures only a few times, but didn't catch any.  If anyone caught them using normal lures, do share.

3) The historical fish can pop up at other places besides the normal spots.  For example, I caught the Bull Trout up the river a few times where there shouldn't be any and also down the river where only Chinook and Coho swims.

4) Night times are a lot tougher.  I caught only a couple during peaks one one night and zero fish on another night.

5) Fireworks doesn't seem to work, although it's hard to set them off in Alaska where it moves you back to land when you use them.  I suggest saving the fireworks for the Christmas.  You need like 250 fireworks to get the Santa's Helper achievement then.  If anyone can confirm this works, please share.

6) The last historical was the toughest to catch.  On average, 1 out of 8 fishes, I caught was historicals.  The last one took about 30 casts to get.  I am not sure if this is intentional or if it's me just having bad luck.

7) Stop and Spin is the way to go in Alaska.

Time to go to Mongolia next!


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Further testing in Alaska shows that:

1) You can also catch Historicals using other Event lures.  For example, I was able to catch Bull Trout using Patriot Walkers.

2) It seems after you got the Historical Catcher achievement. the rate to further catch them drop a lot.. maybe around 50% or more.

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2) No, I don't remember catching any at all with (any) baits nor heard of it occurring.  

3) Yes, they do have a habit of popping up in unlikely places (H Muskies from the Dusk to Dawn peg at Michigan when fishing for trout for example)

5) A snippet from the 4th of July (Steam) event announcement "FYI: firing the Liberty Cannon and launching Fireworks - attracts Historic Fish  After firing the Liberty Cannon, you’ll be rewarded!", which of course should be amended to "you might have a very slight chance of being rewarded"

Note for Mongolia : Amur Bitterling come in one size only very very small.


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