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[All Platforms] Fish Monsters Congo: Mighty M'Benga


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Hey, Anglers!

Hope you are doing well, cause Fishing Planet has a task for the strongest of you! 

The heart of Africa - Congo River needs your help. Deep waters of Congo were invaded by a cruel monster!  Only the most skilled fishermen will be able to stop the evil. 



Mighty M'Benga is not just a Big Tigerfish. Local legends say that the Congo is home to an evil spirit named M'Benga, which can possess river dwellers.

Get ready for hunting a new fish-monster in a thrilling adventure with the Wild Africa Pack.


                                                STEAM     PS4 US     PS4 EU  XBOX

The knowledge and traditions of local tribes will be able to help you. And may luck and fishing skills accompany you!


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There is no hurry...I am sure that when they can they will find a solution to the problem...hopefully they could solve other problems that cost the lives of innocents before...I trust the work of this team...they have already shown it to me other times...cheer up...don't forget those who enjoy this game and hopefully everything will be fixed...greetings

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After completing the mission "The Power of Blood", the monster does not bite the bait of the Shaman Duck.
The Shamanic duck bait DOES NOT WORK under any conditions - neither day nor night, nor at the peak of the bite, nor in any place where large tiger fish are found.
Making adjustments to the game, which Julian wrote about on the Steam FishingPlanet forum, apparently did not help.

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PH_Carpman99, спасибо большое, я три дня в этом месте ловлю (у меня там меток на БТР много), но пока не везёт. А вы поймали на приманку шаманская уточка или на обыкновенную? Миссию "Сила крови" проходили? Если да, на шаманскую, то скиньте, пожалуйста, метку, очень буду благодарен...

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Someone put here that the mission of the blood speaking to the duck...please don't make me laugh...whoever put it deleted the message...makes it very clear in the shaman's missions...it is to placate the spirit of the monster...there is one thing that hurts more that they ignore you...that they take you for a fool...my money that I invest here is earned by working...I don't think it will be too much work for you to fix this problem.. .greetings to all

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Everything is a lie...the shaman's duck still doesn't work...I tried in many places and at all hours...me and several friends without any results...what is the problem?...are we bad fishermen?... maybe that's it...I'm already tired of this shit...possibly with the 6k troy rod I'll take it out...every time I'm more and more disgusted by this...and the abandonment you have for people who enjoy this game...you are destroying it little by little...premium since 2017...for what?...and many more things that I bought...so that they treat you like shit...it gives me a lot sorry about this...the truth...every time I have less illusion to play...

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