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Mighty M Benga


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Think this fish needs to be changed, you go and get the Congo rod pack, waste a lot of time getting the heron eggs only to find once you get the duck lure, the rod and reel is not good enough im told the benga fish  is not that big but although the rod and reel is capable of getting uni perch over 300lb if that fish runs away no matter what setting every time it runs all your line off, not once did i get the fish to turn no matter what i did just watched the line get taken off 792 just pulled it  off, This fish needs to be changed  a bit, lost 2 duck lures same thing happened, So now just untracked that fish and put the 2 remaining lures in home, Maybe later once i can buy a decent rod and reel then maybe ill try again ,just seems odd to me that bigger fish you can turn them, takes a bit of time to get them in but  this one if it is heading away you may as well stop reeling . I do know of 1 that was lucky to get it in but  that was only because it run towards him. very dissapointed with this so called monster

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