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Welcome Mighty Carp Tour


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Behold the mighty Carp! And welcome the opening Tournament of the fall season - this September’s bottom fishing excitement of Mighty Carp Tour! Although somewhat undervalued in North America, this all-time European favorite game fish is quite a fun challenge to catch.

That’s why we’re eager to bring this competitive Carp fishing experience your way and see you work that angling magic on the hardest freshwater fish to fool into biting! Those of you who embark on this competitive fishing journey are in for an unforgettable trip through some of the world's most amazing fishing destinations - from the Italian charm of the Tiber River, the sunny magnificence of San Joaquin Delta in USA and hardcore reality of the Akhtuba River in the first three Qualifiers, to the vast openness of German Sander Baggersee Lake for the Semifinal Round and finally, the enigmatic Weeping Willow Lakes fishery in Great Britain, where the ultimate Top-20 Carp catchers will have the chance to fight in the Grand Finale for the title of Mighty Carp Master!  

We reduced prices for traveling to all tournament locations! Discount valid only during the tournament.

Mighty Carp Tour will be held September 20th through September 25th, with the Registration starting on September 19th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

19th of September - Registration for the Tournament begins.
20th of September - Qualifier 1 on the Tiber River in Italy. 
21th of September - Qualifier 2 on San Joaquin Delta in California, USA.
22th of September - Qualifier 3 on Akhtuba River in Russia.
24th of September - Semifinal Round on Sander Baggersee Lake in Germany.
25th of September - the Grand Finale on the Weeping Willow Lakes fisheries in the UK.

In addition, we have some more good news and updates for your:

  • Increased Tournament’s Prize Pool for the first 3 places;
  • Unique x-series tackles added to the existing prize pool: X-Series Katana™ 420, X-Series Bazooka™ 385,  Rivertex™ MCT Mighty Winner Cap;
  • Additional prizes in game currencies and X-series items for Winners of every Round of the Tournament.

Enjoy your chance to get a whole bundle of goods including all the terminal tackle, equipment and licenses you need!

  Steam  American PSN Store   European PSN Store  Xbox


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