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LVL 80 Gear


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Today i get LVL 80 and i get abit frustrated because we have lvl 80 gear like the spin reels and spinning rod so i was fine until i saw theres no lines no leaders no rigs strong for rell if we are not able to use properly why its on game att all? no sense because we need full drag to fish on congo and amazonia for big fish.

Anyway hope someone create some lines and leaders rigs for properly use all the gear.


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This is puzzling to me as well.  For the Spinning Rod, you are essentially limited to the max weight of the braid line.

To max drag, (in English unit), I would purchase the Giant Spin 9000, Braid .0145", and Nile Chasseur 6'7".

This will give you about a drag of 94.8lb which the highest you can get. 

If you use Giant Spin 10000, since the max weight of the line is lower than the reel max weight, the line will break if you max drag.  Therefore, you will need to reduce your reel strength one notch -- which equates to less than 94.8lb.

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5 hours ago, Saberneko said:

Max drag does wear down your gear a lot faster, but it's a must when you get to higher levels to reel in the larger fish.  By then, you'll earn enough money to fix your gear, so it's not a big deal to max drag all the time. 

What is considered higher level?  2100 hours in and I still have never needed a max drag setup.

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