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Major Update: South America waterways and Congo River


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Major Update: South America waterways and Congo River 

Hey anglers! 

We are happy to announce that South America waterways: Maku-Maku Lake in Peru, Maron River in Bolivia, Amazonian Maze in Brazil and Congo River in Africa are now available on mobile devices!

New max level - 80. 

Let’s look closer at the adventures these new waterways will bring.

Maku-Maku Lake, Peru


Well, anglers, are you ready to explore South America?

Then enter the Amazonian jungles and follow to the waters of our first Amazonian location in Peru Maku-Maku Lake! 

Here’s what the wild rainforest has in store for you:

  • 16  authentic fish species, from Redeye Piranha to the giant Arapaima!
  • New spinning rods for heavy lure casts and large-spooled reels.
  • Swimbait lures look almost indistinguishable from a live fish, and predators can’t resist it.


Maku-Maku Lake embodies everything you can dream of in a tropical paradise fishing adventure!

More information about Maku-Maku Lake you can find in our Dev’s Diaries!


The River Marron, Bolivia


Welcome to Bolivia’s Amazon tributaries full of rare and wonderful fish!

It’s not easy to get to the River Marron, but it is ultimately the best location for light tackle fishing because it offers you:

  • New tackles.
  • Possibility to rent a Wooden Kayak from local villagers.
  • Competitions involving the hunt for exotic catfish species and Amazon monsters.
  • Peculiar baits such as the giant Dobsonfly and different palm fruit.
  • Unique fish: Apapa, Tambaqui and the splendid Red Peacock Bass.


It’s not easy to get to the River Marron, and you can find out more useful information about the new location in our Dev's Diaries.

 Amazonian Maze in Brazil


You are in for an unforgettable tropical adventure in the maze of islands and canals of Amazonia!

A curious maze of islands, canals and bays has found its place a couple of hundreds kilometres from where the Rio Negro joins the Amazon. This is the place we chose for you to explore the labyrinth of the wild Amazon and experience an unforgettable fishing adventure. 

  • 9 different locations, each with a distinct atmosphere.
  • 6 new unique Amazonian fish species including: Electric Eel, Bull Shark.
  • Try thousand-year-old life hacks from local anglers: lures and baits like Blue-Winged Grasshopper or Giant Silk Moth Larva.
  • New missions and achievements.


Check out the varied coastline, the difference in depth, and the unparalleled Amazonian nature. You can find out more useful information about the new location in our Dev's Diaries.

 Congo River, Africa


Enjoy fishing in the heart of Africa - Congo River! 

Welcome unique locations with bounce of fish species, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world,new tackles and baits, exclusive African flora, and fauna, that will bring your fishing experience to a new level!

  • 7 unique locations;
  • Bunch of new tackles and baits;
  • 17 species of unique African fish including African Tigerfish and biggest fish in uor game Nile Perch;
  • Extra durable and steadfast Garry Scott™ Dráco™ boat, equipped with special rod stands
  • Unique African flora, and fauna: Now you can see with your own eyes the amazing landscapes and pristine areas of wilderness, inhabited by buffaloes, hippos, and, of course, African crocodiles.


More information about the new waterway in our Dev's Diaries!

Tight lines and have a great time exploring South America and Africa waterways on your mobile devices!



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