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Just my thoughts about future development and game features


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On 10/4/2022 at 5:31 PM, Fercho59 said:

Hello @KillerwhaleI'am one of the first person that played the game when it was released years ago and I want to tell you some ways to do better your improvements that you are working right now:

The fish fights and reel in should be this way: smaller fish like grams or less than 2 pounds with heavy gear should be reel in easy without a problem, with light gear should give a little of fight. fish like 4-8 punds should give more fight, they should pull line and be able to reel in when the fish stop pulling line, the fish should give slack line when it swims toward us or jump out of the water shaking its head. the fight can be harder depending how heavy or light the gear is. The fight needs to be harder for fish like 5-16 punds and even more harder for figh like 18 to 30 punds and continue that chain system because its true is useless reel in like nothing with heavy gear a 20 pounds fish.

Fish fight depends from fish type and mass

For saltwater fishing before going to the ocean you can work in a map with brackish water that can be in Mexico or Pennsacola Florida that have other fish species that can be fun to catch like spanish mackerel, needlefish, ladyfish, jack crevalle, barracuda, bluefish, mangrove snappers, small goliath groupers, and some already available in the game snook, tarpon, red and black drum, and small fish like pompano, blue runners, 

Will be several ocean locations, so a lot of different fish

Another tip for the fish fights that need to be taken on note is that unique fish in a fishing day should be able to get one or two but with a huge reward, should be able to grind good with normal and trophy size fish and also even with heavy gear fish size like uniques arapaimas, catfish like red tail and pirarucu, nile perch the fish should be longer.

Working on new type of unique fish, so the challenge will be high

Please work also in this bug during fish fight, fish should not be able to be half body out of the surface, fish like catfish should never go to the surface like trying to jump, all fish should remain fighting deep in the water and only some can jump like salmon, sturgeons, bass, snook, tarpon, pike, muskie and tigerfish. Arapaimas sometimes comes to the surfaces to take out is head and shake it then it continue fighting deep. Remaining fish species should fight deep and never jump.

Yea, working on fish AI and behavior physics 



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On 10/4/2022 at 6:57 PM, ivan2022 said:

Hi, this game is great, but please try to fix bugs on Mac platforms for both Intel and Apple M1 chip hardware.  One example of a current problem is shown in this thread (persistent competition watermark): 

  I use a 2020 Macbook Air and have frequent crashes to desktop (not while in menu) that I do not experience aall on a 2014 Macbook Air that I installed Ubuntu Linux on.  The last time it worked normally was around patch v4.0.6

A suggestion that I have for gameplay is to make tides visible in coastal areas (both as a forecast for fishing conditions and with visible rise and fall of sea level).  This might cause the mangrove tree roots in the Everglades to become exposed during low tide, for example.

Working on M1 dedicated version. Also will switch from OpenGL to Metal on MacBook soon. M1 version will probably give you ability to play on Ultra with HD resolution on Macs. However M1 is the beast from graphics and gaming point of view. On iPad Pro or Air I can play on Ultra setting on Congo.

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On 10/4/2022 at 8:06 PM, OndraCz_19 said:

Hello! I am looking forward for the upcoming updates. But i was wondering if fly fishing is going to get added. I think it would be really cool to fly fish in fishing planet.

Not planned before saltwater. Thinking to add with a lure and bait craft ability.

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On 10/6/2022 at 2:29 PM, triXO said:

Hi Killerwhale,

First of all I want to thank you for this thread. I think everyone who loves this game would like to have new information on how to continue in the future.
everything you have posted sounds extremely exciting and could greatly enrich the game if done right.
I am particularly excited about the salt water area.
I want to keep it as short as possible, so I'll just talk about a few things that bother me the most in the game at the moment.

first and most important question for me:
please please give us better antialiasing on the next gen consoles. im on PS5.
is there a chance that this will happen sometime in the future?
I like the game a lot and the graphics in general are perfectly adequate and beautiful. but those ugly jaggies everywhere completely ruin the atmosphere.
That's the question I'd most like to have an answer for.

Ok, will add antialiasing on PS4 and PS5.

other than that, there's one more thing that annoys me about some of the current cosmetic items. I've already put a lot of real money into the game and unfortunately I've mostly been disappointed when it comes to cosmetic items such as shirts or glasses.
some examples:
- The shirt in the Sport Outfit Pack has graphic errors. the garry scott logo on both shoulders is completely stretched and pixelated in the upper area. there are also various clipping errors where the character's skin comes through the texture of the shirt as it moves. By the way, there are clipping errors with almost all shirts that you can get in the dlcs
- the shirt from the bream feeder pack has about the same errors as mentioned
- the hair clips through the texture of the xseries prometheus cap
- there are clipping errors with the spider glasses when wearing a cap
- the fishhunter glasses don't fit properly and clip through the ears
All this relates to the male character.

If it important for immersion - will try to fix it.

those were just a few examples. i know there are more important issues to fix but i think it's not good when someone buys something for real money and ends up disappointed.
it would be nice if some of these problems could be fixed with the new outfit system.
it would also be great if you could adjust your clothes in this system, for example change the color or the pattern of the shirt.

As I wrote before - skins system must be introduced.

I hope that you will be able to fix some of these problems at some point. other than that, thank you very much for this beautiful game and keep up the good work.

greetings from germany.


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On 10/6/2022 at 5:37 PM, obi_xyz said:


Thank you Killerwhale for posting your roadmap and things you are considering.

Some feedback and thoughts from a player that has been playing since game released.

1. About your post

I would be nice to see a DEMO video (work in progress) of the new fish fight and reeling. A short video so we can fully understand what is going to change. Because now I am thinking about how currently we NEED to reel constantly otherwise we get slack on the line and poof - fish gone. Again, a demo would be awesome to see to further this discussion.

For pulling fish out of the water, I agree something needs to be done. Your proposal seems fine.

Delay with breaking is also fine. But again, a demo would be best to see all of this in action.

This is good. More events and fresh events are always welcome.

I may be in the minority but saltwater fishing is really not what I am looking for in this game. It will be a cool addition but standing on a boat with just ocean around you is boring for me unless there are some deep mechanics involved. I play Fishing Planet for it's great lake\river fishing and ability to explore the waterways for fishing spots. We have awesome array of lakes\rivers to play on and I want more. But if more lakes are not priority and saltwater is, then fine. I will of course play it.

1. Clubs and Leagues are a MUST. Cannot wait for this feature

2. Skins... Since we probably won't be able to make skins for our rods and reels because they are mostly sold as DLC, I don't know what else can it be used for. I see stuff like markers and such and that is okay but it is really a minor thing.

3. Trophy room. Now this is a problem. We do not have a proper trophies to put in it except maybe giant Carps. Look...

Currently we have Common, Trophy and Unique fish. All those fish have EXACT minimum and maximum weight\length foreach category. So for example if I catch a max weight Unique Largemouth Bass, I can put it in the trophy room but that is not really a trophy. Many players will have exact same weight and length Unique Largemouth Bass that I have and nobody can get further than that. After some months, everyone will have the SAME trophies as everyone else. There is not really a REAL trophy fish.

For a trophy room to work we NEED a new fish weight\length type. It doesn't matter how the fish is called but it has to be RARE and HARD to catch. If you manage to catch that type of fish - that goes to the trophy room. This type of fish doesn't have to apply to ALL fish species in the game at the start. You can easily slowly add more and more of this "special" fish to the game. But for Trophy Room to work, we need a new fish rarity type. So for example a Largemouth Bass that exceeds maximum weight\length but is hard to catch.

4. Inventory system seems okay. Will take some time getting used to but we really need a inventory UI overhaul. I have over 1300 items in home storage and it is really not fun managing it all :D

5. Bugs and general improvements: of course, always good.


Now for my feedback and kind of a wishlist:

0. I will try to avoid already asked and answered questions.


1. More tournaments. I already made a thread on the forums here: 

Tournaments always invite huge interest and many players come back for them. So even you as a company would benefit from it. Tournaments are 100x better than any competition and if we had multiple per month, I would gladly buy a Tournament themed DLC.

Already tried 2 tourney per month. Not works well. So we think after introduction of Clubs and Leagues it will work

2. New fish type that is hard to catch but exceeds current Unique weight\length limit. A chase fish.

I already wrote about this above but this in my opinion is a very good way to make players invest the time to find and catch that elusive fish. You can make it however you want but it has to reward lake exploration, persistence and at the end a great reward for the time spent: a REAL Trophy fish.

I am sure this feature wouldn't be a problem to introduce and I am also sure that many players would devote their time to find great trophies over the fishing planet world map.

We currently only have Unique fish that have set limit. It is just a grind on same fish over and over. There is nothing to CHASE.

Already in progress

3. Simple lure crafting system

You already addressed this but I just wanted to add that if crafting is implemented, it needs to be simple and effective. Just a crude example:

I want to craft a crankbait. Give me few options like: Color, Depth, Size, Hooksize. I pay for it (materials) and that is it. Again, this is just crude example but simple lure crafting would be really fun. It does not have to be a full blown crafting system for every little thing. Just the main things. People would have lots of fun with this system. Simple yet very effective.

Yea, planned after saltwater

4. Modular competition weather types and more competitions.

Don't let a competition be 2 years old and still run on the same weather condition. It becomes boring real fast because it is ALWAYS the same except RNG. Put in modular weather changes so it rewards people who search for spots and invest in exploration. Competitions would be way more fun.

Also, add more competitions. We already have many but you can slowly add new ones over time even on older lakes.

Comps already used RNG weather, but not 100% RNG - because it useless to add weather with no fish bites.

5. This is important for me. Do not forget old lakes.

I know you cannot do much for older lakes and you have finite resources for future projects but doing just few improvements\additions on old lakes would be great. Maybe expand some a little bit, add new (or existing) fish species...

I know old lakes will not be a priority but many players that have thousands of hours like to fish in old lakes. Improving them would go a long way. Also a new player would benefit from it.

Old lakes and also game progress will be reworked. IT we will have manpower for it

6. Other general Quality of life improvements (most of this was already mentioned):

- allow purchase of x-series or special lures (people lose a mission lure and cannot get it back) with either baitcoins or new currency.

Yea, competition currency. 

- Rework the Map device. In it's current state, it really looks bad. Please make a proper maps with depths and such. It would look better and would contain actual useful information.

Actually it's specially designed this way. But we want to add details depth if you have boat with sonar. So the current state is just lack of time (you already have normal depth on boat GPS). So will fix it soon

- Add all relevant info on the fish marker: Time of Day, Temperatures (Air\Water), Wind direction\speed 

Will add a lot of info on display... Color codes first

- other information that was already mentioned in posts above.


Again,  thank you for the update and a chance to provide feedback. I didn't list everything I wanted to but maybe I will in a future post.

Yea, hope will do monthly - biweekly post with features in progress or even some vote what to do first.


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On 10/6/2022 at 4:14 PM, kdog013 said:

I like the look of the new UI, much easier to select a rod to use by category instead of scrolling through the entire list of rods like we do now, same with the lines, reels and other items in our inventory.

In regards to new boats I'm hoping that some will be added to the in game shop for players that maybe can't afford to buy them as a DLC. The last boat added to the in game shop was at level 50.

Working on new boats

Any chance of adding the number of drag settings to the description of reels in the shop? It would make it easier when selecting a reel to buy if you know it only has 6 or 8 settings instead of 12. 

Yea, I hate it too. Will be added soon

Thanks for this thread, looking forward to the new Halloween event!


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10 hours ago, PH_KissMyBass1 said:

Here are some things I'd like to see changed in the current game. 

1. Adjustable reel speed - we currently only have reel speeds 1-4 to choose from. It would be much better to have more control over your reel speed too keep your lure at a desirable depth. So maybe have up to 20 different reel speeds.

20 is a bit huge but thinking to add at least 7-9 speeds

2. Retrieves for lures- The retrieve system needs a revamp where certain lures need to be used in a certain way for them to be most effective and true to how they're used in real life. 


- Spinners and Spinnerbaits are most effective using a straight retrieve. I've fished my entire life using these lures and have never heard of anyone twitching or using a stop and go retrieve. But, these lures are almost impossible to use with a straight retrieve due to limited reel speed selection. You're either dragging the bottom or they come to the surface. That should not be the case. 

- Buzzbaits to be most effective using them on top of the water. After all they are a top water lure and they should be used as such to be most effective. Buzzbaits are also designed to reach the surface of the water very quickly (due to their blade design), even if reeling slowly. Currently you can jig a buzzbait like a bass jig, again that's not true to how this lure is used at all in real life. 


- Jerkbaits need to be traditional jerkbaits not rattletraps/lipless crankbaits called jerkbaits. So change the name from the current Jerkbaits to lipless crankbaits and give us actual jerkbaits. There should also be a selection of jerkbaits that either float, suspend (at various depths) or sink. These lures should also be most effective when using a twitching retrieve.


- Walking and Popping lures need to actually be walked or be popped to be most effective. Not silly things like walk or pop the lure twice and then straight retrieve it. A lure should always be most effective using it the way the lure is intended to be used in real life. 

Will do separate topic for it.

3. Competitions - I think just about everyone agrees competitions need a revamp. Amateur comps need to be either done away with or make it so both amateur competitions and regular competitions can be played at the same time. It's pretty frustrating when you only get to play a couple days a week and there are 3 amateur competitions in a row leaving higher level players with no competitions to do for 6 hours. Then for all 3 amateur competitions to be canceled due to lack of participants.

Already created separate topic for it in this blog

4. Competition rewards - It was a good thing to make it so you could win 1 of 4 different prizes if you were to place top 3 in a competition. Where the idea fell flat was when they made it random on what reward you are given. There's nothing more frustrating than mastering a competition, finally winning it and given a prize reward that you've already won or it's basically useless. Competitions are already hard enough to win to begin with (some harder than others) and the randomized prize system basically gives you a 25% chance of actually being rewarded the prize you want. I'd say most decent players on average get top 3 in 10% of the competitions they play in, so that's 1 out of every 10 times they play in a competition they might actually get a top 3. So 10% chance of actually placing top 3 and then only a 25% chance of winning the prize that the player actually wants. It would be much better if you could select 1 of the 4 prizes you want manually, rather than the game randomly choosing 1 of the 4 prizes for you. (it doesn't seem that random to me, I'm always getting the prizes that I already have a abundance of or are pretty much useless).

Will be changed with introduction of Clubs and probably comp currency

5. A fatigue system - There should be a fatigue system in this game. For example if you're using a heavy carp reel on a spinning rod, your player should become fatigued quicker than someone using a light spinning reel on a spinning rod. Why even show the actual weight of the reel if there's not a fatigue system in the game that actually punishes you for using the wrong type of reel for the setup you're using. No one in their right mind is going to using a heavy spodding reel on a spinning rod, it would be quite heavy and awkward, leaving your spinning setup uncomfortably unbalanced. For example people like to use the Kraken with the Zeus, but the Kraken is a carp reel and is considerably heavier than the Thunderspin. If you're out there casting lures over and over with a big heavy carp reel, your arm and hands are going to fatigue much quicker than if you're using a lighter more low profile reel like the Thunderspin that's actually balanced with the rod that you're using (the Zeus). This isn't a huge deal, but is definitely something to think about. 

Stamina probably will be introduced with a saltwater. But I like your idea - not think about this stuff from this point.

6. Fix the kayaks - Is there anyone that actually enjoys using the kayaks? Your stamina bar depletes way too quickly making it frustrating to use on bigger maps. I love the idea of kayak fishing, I do a lot of it in real life but it's just not enjoyable the way they implemented them into the game. The biggest issue is how fast your stamina depletes, it literally takes less than 20 seconds to deplete all your stamina while rowing quickly and 40 seconds if you're rowing normally. You should be able to paddle your kayak at max speed for several minutes, not just a few seconds.

Got it.

7. Setting and unsetting your anchor - You should be able to set your anchor and unset your anchor at anytime, whether you're hooked to a fish, standing on the deck or in the cockpit. Maybe some people disagree with me on this one, but in modern bassboats and other fishing boats, setting and unsetting a anchor is nothing more than pushing in a button and a lot of times the access to the button is from the deck, not the cockpit. 

It's mostly because of lack of buttons on controller, while you fishing. Need to think about it but not wanted to do like R3+RB+X combination - right?


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8 hours ago, Saberneko said:

For the Kayaks, perhaps allowing us to set an "Auto-row" button might be a quicker.  It's a real pain especially in huge lakes like the Amazon in which you have to hold down the forward button for like 10 minutes to get through the maze to get to some of the hotspots deeper in.

Autopilot hugh... 

Another idea might be to add multiple boat docks for large lakes like Amazon, Congo, Bolivia, etc.

Planning to add navigational buoys, like markers only bigger, to instant teleport to it location. Will spare you a good amount of time. 

Fishing via kayaks is much more fun than motor boats.


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13 hours ago, PH_KissMyBass1 said:

Adjustable reel speed - we currently only have reel speeds 1-4 to choose from. It would be much better to have more control over your reel speed too keep your lure at a desirable depth. So maybe have up to 20 different reel speeds.



13 hours ago, PH_KissMyBass1 said:

5. A fatigue system

Hey! My Character can lift a 200kg nile perch with one arm, do you think a reel that weighs 700g or 500g makes a difference? 🤣


13 hours ago, PH_KissMyBass1 said:

6. Fix the kayaks - Is there anyone that actually enjoys using the kayaks? Your stamina bar depletes way too quickly making it frustrating to use on bigger maps.

Yeah the workout routine of the player just allows a maximum lift, not stamina 😛 Jokes aside, I agree, please adjust this before next tournament.

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I think it would be a good idea to make seperate topics for discussions. So it is easier for you to see and respond to feedback and it removes most of the duplicate questions\requests.

No need for many topics, just ones about major features like Saltwater, Fish Fight, Player UI\UX, Quality of Life features, etc... Then everyone can post in those topics and you can easily see and sort questions and answers without a huge thread which will get harder and harder to follow.

But still, very nice answers so far to our questions\feedback. Thank you for all answers!

Edited by obi_xyz
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Loving the improvements and additions mentioned so far. Here are a couple of additional suggestions:

It feels like info in this game is a bit lacking, for instance, being able to capture all the relevant info when a fish is caught in sort of a "diary entry", to use for future reference would be great. Info such as:

  • Time of day
  • Weather info
  • Equipment used (lure, hook size, bait etc.)
  • Method used (spinning, bottom fishing, float fishing)

The home storage system needs to be reworked, especially from a realism point of view. I get that one can't have unlimited storage, but currently the home storage is so small, my character must be living in a portable toilet. I get really worked up when I move my tackle backpack to the home storage to fix it, only to have everything thrown in an overload container and now I need to shuffle stuff around to make everything fit. Increasing the default home storage size would help and being able to repair gear directly on the player without moving to home storage would be great.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback so far.

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@Killerwhalethanks for answering my message, is good to know and see dev team is taking into account our point of view, I want to just mention what point that you mentioned to me, Fish fight depends from fish type and mass, right now as it is not all size of fish has mass because I reel like nothing a crappie, bluegill, bass, grass pike, etc that are less of a pound, and it should not be like that, other example, permit on blue crab fight half body out of the water, every fish should stay in the water always, 

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My biggest pet peeve in the game is this. The marker system is completely wrong. You guys mark the fish where the bait entered the water no matter where the fish actually made the strike. System is therefore useless to a real fisherman. Like me.... I catch a fish from my point of entry. I hook up and fight the fish for some time and loose him. Another fish hits my lure where I lost the first one. I catch the second one on another part of the waterway and you guys put the mark where I first entered the water with my bait for fish #1. You tell me, is this even close to being correct? Make the mark at point of strike. Make thousands of people happy with one little fix. Thank you for you time.

More on this:  


Edited by FrumpyBuckle107
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Here's another thought. It would be really nice if we as higher level players could wear the DLC gear. (i.e. Shirts) without loosing over 50
% of our tackle. This makes selling the shirts our only option. I would love to be able to sport a shirt that I got in a DLC under my vest to keep my tackles. The shirt comes with a couple of tackle slots that would be a great improvement on our limited tackle space and a bonus to buy the DLC. Just saying....

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On 10/7/2022 at 6:30 PM, Killerwhale said:

Working on M1 dedicated version. Also will switch from OpenGL to Metal on MacBook soon. M1 version will probably give you ability to play on Ultra with HD resolution on Macs. However M1 is the beast from graphics and gaming point of view. On iPad Pro or Air I can play on Ultra setting on Congo.

Thank you - the game started working again on my Intel MacBook as of the last update (v4.3.0).  I still have the issue with the competition watermark displaying persistently, however.

Regarding "lure crafting", it would be great to introduce this along with fly fishing!  Many anglers tie their own flies based on standard patterns and insect morphologies.



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On 10/1/2022 at 7:54 AM, Killerwhale said:

Finally have some free time - here I will post some of my ideas and thoughts about future game development. You guys are welcome to reply with ideas or critics as long as it not a toxic and useless posts. 

Current state of tests and development going in the three directions.

- New fish fight and reeling, based on more realistic pull and reel model with a limited force, applied to the reel. So you can't turn the reel if the fish is big and need to pull and reel after it. Also new final fish catch model in test - no more fish catches under 15m away. The bigger fish is - the shorter distance you need to reel to get it. New indicators to show bigger delay for line breaks (mono about 2-3 sec, braid about 2 sec). Reels will break again with a huge force, but give you delay. More pics and videos soon. (80% done)

- New Halloween event. Current one will not gone, but we will add new set of completely different event to give you more fun. Will be out on all platforms soon. (99% done)

- Saltwater fishing. Fishing with your friends on one boat, big fish, new tackles, new fish fight, new boats. Huge ocean surface with ocean water (thinking about 30x30 km). With new reeling we could introduce Stamina and Strength. Try to apply fish with friend on current boats, still not sure about it (need to research) (30% done)

- Clubs and Leagues with own missions and storage. Also logo editor and maybe club skins. (50% done)

- Skins system (10% done)

- Trophy room (10% done)

- New inventory system (20% done) ( old prototype video about 2 years ago 

- and also fix huge list of bugs from topic I was mentioned. Part of them already fixed, but the list is huge and we will get rid of all of them.

- Optimization for Android platform to get more FPS. 

- Saltwater fishing. Fishing with your friends on one boat, big fish, new tackles, new fish fight, new boats. Huge ocean surface with ocean water (thinking about 30x30 km). With new reeling we could introduce Stamina and Strength. Try to apply fish with friend on current boats, still not sure about it (need to research) (30% done)

this 1 is long long over due 😄 feel like this is a the 1 thing missing from the game 


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