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Just my thoughts about future development and game features


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Daily tasks could be introduced, e.g. catch a few pieces of a specific fish with a selected bait (spon, buzz, swimbait), or with a fishing rod (spinning, match or bottom, ...) or a fish of a certain weight (up to xx kg or over xx kg .). For completing a daily task, e.g. 1 or 2 bitcoins or bait or groundbait. Extra reward for completing 7 daily tasks in a week and extra reward for completing all of them in a month. It would certainly attract many occasional players and it would be nice entertainment for regular players as well as a motivator for beginners. 

greetings to the creators

ps. We are waiting for information about the progress in the work on the new waterway.

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Хорошие мысли высказаны, поддерживаю. Респект!!! Нужно как-то оживлять игру, постоянно добавлять что-то новое - не только новые водоёмы, а и новые миссии, достижения, дающие дополнительные стимулы игрокам. Дело иногда ещё и в том, что не всем нравятся соревнования,  а после достижения 80 уровня из нового появляется только либо новый водоём, что довольно редко происходит,  либо все с нетерпением ждут очередного ивента, и тогда игра становится гораздо живее. Моё мнение - должно быть больше новых миссий, они ведь не обязательно должны быть большими по объёму заданий, может быть, возможно делать по 1 -2 миссии раз в 1 - 2 недели, по объёму на 1 - 2 дня выполнения.

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Hi @Killerwhale Just wanted to echo what some others on this thread have mentioned that I would really love to see as well, and that is improved versions for Xbox series X/S and PS5. You said a few months ago here that PS4/5 would get an AA setting added but you did not mention Xbox. Am I correct in assuming that at least the series X/S would get this enhancement as well? That would really be awesome! 😀 On that note is there anything else that you have in store for console players? I know it would probably be too much to ask but native HDR support which isn't new now by any means would still be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening! :)

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