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[Steam] [PS] Meet The New Drop Campaign - Once Upon A Halloween Drops!


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Hello anglers!

Keeping our tradition of giveaway on the Twitch platform, we are happy to present another Twitch Drops Campaign dedicated to the one of the most mysterious and wonderful holidays - Once Upon A Halloween Drops Campaign! In the boxes you will find unique baits that are simply adored by the monster inhabitants of Fishing Planet waterways!

All you need to join new Drop Campaign and receive gift boxes, just to watch streams marked with a special icon on Twitch from the 20th of October, 15:00 UTC, to 3rd of November! In these gift boxes, we’ve collected everything you need to catch fish monsters and complete Halloween misions!


To start receiving prizes, you need:

   -  if you play on PC or PlayStation, connect your Steam or your PlayStation account to your Twitch account:


-  go to Twitch and open the Fishing Planet category. You can also use the link: 
https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Fishing Planet

-   find a streamer with Twitch drops and watch broadcasts marked with a special icon!



Regardless of the platform the streamer uses, you will receive boxes for the platform you’ve connected to Twitch.
If you watch 30 minutes of streams, you’ll get Ghost Box containing:

  • 666 Experience Points
  • 666 Credits
  • 1 Baitcoin
  • 13 Candy Pumpkins baits 2083625083_image(3).png.856ac217f14b23d293445e13479702ca.png
  • 5 Dead Mice  image.png.56a67c3276195f7bac161461cce599fe.png
  • 1 Ghost Groundbait  1728393511_image(7).png.bae8dece28ab9b71ae62270431917e76.png

If you watch 60 minutes of the broadcast, you’ll be rewarded with Infernal Box with the following:

  • 666 Experience Points
  • 666 Credits
  • 1 Baitcoin
  • 13 Candy Pumpkins baits 2083625083_image(3).png.856ac217f14b23d293445e13479702ca.png
  • 5 Pig's Eye  95500638_image(1).png.8613629e6a3016517233a1d45aa73056.png
  • 1 Infernal Groundbait   262943335_image(6).png.1367d1faeefd187badf87888a752f37f.png

For those of you who will watch 90 minutes, we’ve prepared Witch Box containing:

  • 666 Experience Points
  • 666 Credits
  • 1 Baitcoin
  • 13 Candy Pumpkins baits  2083625083_image(3).png.856ac217f14b23d293445e13479702ca.png
  • 5 Rotten Minnows  1947875193_image(2).png.f989e9dd464adea55296f6ef62854555.png
  • 1 Witch Groundbait  1981178279_image(5).png.44abd4c03e3783fd4de774401c005c78.png

Enjoy the streams and tight lines!

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Oh Look, FP is still ignoring Xbox players for twitch drops. 

I don't know why you would give the proverbial middle finger to us for a year.  Shouldn't take that long to figure out out how to enable those for the Xbox players.  This has to be either bias for the Playstation/PC gamers (Devs or those creating the twitch drops are fanbois of the PS), Laziness on the part of those creating the drops (Xbox could be given these drops but the people setting up the drops have no idea what they are doing), or simply they just don't want to support the Xbox.

Also, seems like an insult to the twitch streamers who are playing on xbox but doing the twitch drops for the PS and PC gamers to get.  

If the twitch drops were just for Xbox and PC, I'd expect the PS players would be just as frustrated to see for over a year they were ignored.


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