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Problems of M`Beng's mission


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Hello, could you help me!

I will describe the problems of M`Beng's mission in points so that it is chronological, what I did and where.

• I cut M`Beng on the second throw and after almost 0.5 hour of play it came off, I chose the line too slowly; I still had 5 Ducklings and I still had the same mission M'Benga Mighty,

• For a break, I caught perch elsewhere, on the same rod, but changed the bait to another,

• I went back to Home Storage, repaired my casting rod and returned to Congo (I still had the same mission),

• I took the boat to the Waterfall Roar location, got off on the island and made a throw with the same rod but with the recently used perch lure,

• Suddenly there was a change of mission to Might of Blood,

• In another location I was catching the indicated tiger fish and it happened that I caught the last one after 5 o'clock, after which the fish are sold, I had all the fish marked in the results of the task,

• I went to the Waterfall Roar location to the "shaman's altar" and nothing has changed in the quests, still the last quest has not been marked,

• I thought that maybe this is because I only have one tiger fish with me,

• I skipped game time to the next day and caught the required fish during that day,

• I went back to The Roar of Waterfall location and again the quest has not been marked,

• I thought that maybe removing all the Ducklings would help, and again it didn't do anything.

• I returned to Home Storage, confirmation of the completion of the quest "Go to the Congo River" has been deleted. They are still marked about catching all tiger fish.

Sorry for my language, English is not my mother tongue, Google explains to me.






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