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Topwater Kayak Cup: Qualifier 3


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Welcome to the picturesque shores of Lake San Joaquin in sunny California! This is the last qualifying game of the Topwater Kayak Cup, where you’ll have the opportunity to become one of the top 20 surface tackle anglers and go on to prove your skills in the Semi-Finals!

1    XtFp-ZioSampei
2    QG_Neto86
3    FwA_zannamarco74
4    Guns4Gary
5    FwA_JackSparrow
6    PPFL_lello69
7    FwA_Baggese
8    mrniceguy2105
9    Bismark688777
10    RFF-Piet_Skiet78
11    jengerlenger
12    king_raffa1
13    AKWP-dinksu
14    Jow1908
15    FwA_patrickasr81
16    jer399896
17    RFF-FOGGY_1818
18    FwA_ELBagai
19    Ade-Marcus_it
20    PityU413_Lxp

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