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Christmas Giant’s Tour: Final Results


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Wow! That was one huge fishing battle! Taking place right on Christmas, the Final Round of Christmas Giant’s Tour was the greatest fishing showdown between the 20 top-league heavyweight anglers! They used their large-caliber tackle to catch the biggest Trophy and Unique Steelheads, Carp, Striped Bass, Chinook and White Sturgeon on the breathtaking San Joaquin Delta in California and now we are thrilled to announce 10 names of our Tournament prize-winning finalists headed by the Three Christmas Giant Champions who will leave an immense footprint in the history of cyber sportfishing tournaments and get valuable prizes! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and...Tight Lines!wink.png

1    SHIMAN0
2    UNIC_50Cent
3    MYA_MauzaMusuhikan
4    N.A.Y.A-Baeruck
5    LFC-ToYoung2die
6    N.A.Y.A-bulibuli
7    shlyuz
8    CG-Sparkey
9    Sankvi
10  MY_JokeR77

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