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Fishing Planet Forum Rules


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This forum is for the discussion of Fishing Planet, including advice, feedback and general talk. All post must be civil, respectful and constructive. All this ensures, that everybody is able to enjoy our forum and feedback can be helpful for the community and developers.

You must familiarize yourself with the forum rules. There is no excuse for breaking the rules, because you are not familiar with them.

Bug reports must be either sent to support@fishingplanet.com or discussed here: BUG REPORTS

Please make sure, you post as much information about bugs you find, as possible. This includes screenshots, videos, exact steps to reproduce, location/time/gear etc. and when possible, output_log.txt from your Fishing Planet folder should also be included.

Inappropriate Content

Any posts containing obscenities, obsessive profanity, insults, personal attacks, or abusive language will be edited or deleted and may result in a warning or ban.

Any type of racism or religious slurs will end with an immediate ban. Discussion of piracy or links to any that type of software (including hacks or other workarounds, which are not allowed by Fishing Planet rules) will end with a ban.

Do not flame/harass

Flaming, personal insults and such, are not allowed. Do not attack anybody. If you are being insulted, do not continue answering to that, and report it to the forum moderators instead.

Do not turn arguments, where you disagree, into heated arguments.

Closed Threads

If a thread is closed, do not create any new threads in order to continue the closed discussion.

Do not spam

Do not post the same comments or create the same exact threads multiple times, this is not allowed. If a thread was closed, there was a reason.

If you feel like you want to add something to what you said, do not post multiple posts in a row - use the Edit button.

Do not reply to spam threads created by bots

If you see spam or otherwise illegal/against the rules type of posts/threads, simply report. Do not reply.

New threads/topics

If there is already a thread about something you want to say, continue discussing it there, instead of making a new thread with the exact same discussion. This is considered spam.

Stay on topic

Always make sure, what you are saying, is related to the topic you are discussing it in. Off-topic should be minimal, if existing at all.

Make sure your thread is under the correct forum (Waterways, Fish, Challenges etc).

Do not advertise

Advertising your own website is not allowed. You may create helpful spreadsheets and such, but do not advertise your own or others websites/forums that are not related to Fishing Planet.

Advertising other games in the forum will end up with a warning or a ban.


All posts must be under their appropriate language sub-forum. Do not post anything in any other language than the sub-forum is meant for (e.g posts in Portugese under English Fishing Planet sub-forum).

Appealing bans or warnings

Do not discuss your ban or warning in the forum. If you have any questions or concerns, contact one of the moderators of the forum.

Release date harassment

Do not spam forums with questions about release dates. Discussing such things is allowed, but updates come, when it’s time and developers are ready to release new content.

Everything in this post is a subject to change without a notice. Make sure you keep yourself up-to-date with the forum rules!

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