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1 Day Trip Fishing Challenge


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Hello everyone how's Fishing? i'm new to the community and i loved this game so much. today i'm here to share my 1 day trip fishing challenge and show you guys all the fishes that i caught within 1 day trip period. so,anyone up for the challenge? Happy Fishing all. :))

PS:sorry for my bad English,it's not my Native languages.

1Day Travel.jpg


1st Unique.jpg

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20 hours ago, WhiskerFisher said:

I'm yet to break 4000 on a single trip lol. Then again I can't afford to go to those higher cost places yet. Been building up between texas and new york.

The key seems to be to get the biggest fishkeep/stringer available, then stay multiple days at a venue.  New York is great place at the early levels if the weather cooperates and the walleye are biting.

I actually bought the DLC to get the 154 lb fishkeeper earlier than it would have unlocked by level.  After that 10k to 12k days became possible at New York and especially Florida.

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Yeah, my current one is 44 lbs, but I could get the 66 lb one. I just don't feel like I need it. I'm usually kinda of picky so I only keep the ones worth an X amount of money based on what it's worth per lb. I did actually just do a 3 day run in new york and cashing in almost 12k by the end of it. Caught tons of walleye, but not a single trophy one yet! But when I made that comment I was referring to just a single day/night of fishing. I would think you'd have to be getting fish over 20 lbs to do that, but I don't have the gear unlocked yet for that sort of thing. I am almost level 23 now though. As far as buying packs... I'd rather not spend any actual money right now on the game. I have about 65 bait coins that I have earned the good old fashioned way, so I'll just keep collecting them for now.

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