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Merry Fishmas 2022


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Hey, Anglers!

This year we have an unprecedented combination of Christmas festivities. 

You will be able to play Christmas Holiday Missions and Krampus Hunt Missions, or dare your luck to complete them all. You can choose missions you prefer or do all of them, and enjoy the Holidays as much as you want in a way you want. This year we bring you complete freedom to choose the adventures you like.

The Christmas event starts on December 15th and will be available through January 2nd.

Have yourself a great Christmas and join us on the Christmas adventures on Fishing Planet! 

Christmas Holiday missions 

With Christmas back in town, there’s plenty of magic and festive excitement waiting for you!


Christmas festivities are under threat! Santa’s sled was wrecked in a terrible snowstorm somewhere in Canada. Luckily, Santa is doing fine...but his reindeer went missing and all of the Christmas presents are now scattered around the world! 

Help Santa save Christmas by finding all of the lost Christmas presents and tree ornaments and catch the mythical Crystal Burbot!

Travel to White Moose lake and find Santa's sleigh. Take Santa's gift bag. Hurry up, Santa really needs your help! Christmas is coming and there's not much time left! 




Catch a required amount of Antlered Salmons to harness them in Santa’s sleigh Keep in mind that Antlered Salmon bite best when someone launches fireworks.


Fill Santa's Bag with lost gifts. Once you arrive at waterways, find Santa's bag on the pier to get started with the task of collecting boxes with presents!


What a Holiday without a Christmas Tree. Find lost decorations and decorate the Tree. 


*Fireworks increase the chance to catch decorated fish.


Winter is all about snow, so spend some time on snow fighting with other players!  


*Hit certain number of players with Snowballs.


Complete Christmas Achievements and Missions and get festive rewards!

Get an exclusive Christmas rod stand in the form of a jolly snowman and delightful Santa-themed lure box!



Check Gift Boxes that you can find at every event location.



Summon Crystal Burbot!

Complete all missions and get your chance to find out what is waiting for you in the water of White Moose. Make sure to join our fairytale fishing adventure with the good old Crystal Burbot, fantastic Antlered Salmon, and Furry Trout, fireworks and festive excitement!




Have fun catching these magical Christmas fish, while the fireworks are blasting, and complete the Myth Buster and Deer Hunter challenges to get unique holiday rewards.

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You can also try to complete the Fishy Racing challenge and get Elven Kayak as a prize!


Krampus Hunt Missions

The holiday is lost without your help, after the incident with Santa, Krampus troublemakers stole Santa’s glasses, Beard and Hat. Find the villains and return the stolen things! Look for special treats, Christmas Tokens and Fireworks in Stockings.

Christmas festivities are under threat! only YOU can save Christmas:

You need to locate the old troublemakers, capture them and return the things they've stolen.


You can find them by questioning their accomplices, who have decided to follow them and make mischief around. Because of their innate ability to lie, you'll have to catch a score of them.

Amazing Christmas baits will help you to attract the fairy villains and their minions.

Mega Cookie Bait

If you take a couple of Ginger Cookies and fill them with magic, the special power of Christmas pastry will create an ideal bait.



Use Christmas baits for better catch:



And, of course, enjoy  traditional Christmas treats - Ginger Cookies



These amazing Christmas baits will help you to catch Krampus Fish: Unlucky Krampus Tarpon, Clumsy Krampus Eel, Crumbling Krampus Payara. 



You can locate the thieves by following their minions, who can be lured out with bait treats, sweet pastry groundbait and magical jukeboxes.




Magical Jukeboxes also are a useful way to attract the minions.

Activate Jukeboxes by using Christmas tokens**.


*Settled on some event locations.

** Get Christmas tokens by completing the event missions.

Do not forget about Christmas gifts that you can find at event locations. Just check Christmas Stockings.



Your efforts will be generously rewarded with Christmas gifts!



Hush! Collect Christmas presents, hidden around all waterways!


Enjoy this year's Christmas with excellent Event Packs!

These packs  contain  everything you need to fully enjoy the Holiday including special sets of treats and tackle that the whole team of the best elf engineers has worked with their magic tools and homemade goods!


 American PSN Store   European PSN Store


 American PSN Store   European PSN Store 


   European PSN Store   American PSN Store 


 American PSN Store   European PSN Store 


Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

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