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Hey everyone if you like big bold maybe crazy ideas then stick around I got one haha


so guys future idea for gameplay features is club houses and cabins yes I know there’s news on clubs and and stuff     However.  And this is a big however and I’m thinking way out the box and many may disagree however let’s start with cars.

Car/van. So as you know we can’t take a lot of equipment to fish with us however if the game where to add cars not to drive cos that will be gta all over again but so you are able to carry more equipment crazy idea I know.  Moving on 

Sheds/cabins  bold idea however if the game implement sheds houses cabins around the map the players can store stuff in their this is where I tie in clubs clans etc whatever you want to call them so say the game had a platoon squad system where you can make a guild and say add 10 friends.   You own you own club house depending on where you purchase it determines the price.  (Example Texas Lone star lake would be the cheapest place to buy a club house and as of right now Alaska Kaniq Creek would be the most expensive).     So say you bought a club house at Texas you and 10 friends can travel there all together providing you all purchase licenses.   In the room your would have sittin areas a tv for live fishing trophy cabinet of what trophies all members have won and a club leaderboard.   In the corner would be a new feature a place to store all of your baits lures etc.  And a rack for rods 10 racks per person so you can go back and forth switching rods without actually leaving the lobby this will make it much more fun especially for kayak fishes.  All cabins will have a storage area    

The cabins will either be purchased at very expensive rates of a weekly rent system in real time       All members pay a percentage decided by the club owner of who and how much they pay.   


Thank you you for reading I know this is one crazy probably unrealistic idea however would like to know all your opinions down below.  Thank you for reading.   I appreciate it 

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