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Advice on DLC

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My decision would be based on what it is I want to do or achieve.

  •       Targeting specific species.
  •       Specialized Lures. (i.e. Top water, etc.)
  •       One that’s geared for a certain location.
  •       Area specific pond pass’s.

Then scour through the list for the “best bang for the buck” that meets the budget. Would look for one that includes the larger in game credits and bait coins in the choice as well.

edit: Here's a list of some of them incase you don't have itDLC List

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List Inclusion

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Baitcoins are very usefull and all dlc contain 20-40 baitcoins. I mostly use mine for buying unlimited licences. It will save a lot of license money in the long run. I wouldnt use too many baitcoins on lures if you plan on getting a dlc. Some dlc contain baitcoin lures (for example the topwater packs).

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