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Equipment repair

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New poster here - so hi to everyone.

I've been playing this game for a while now (or sim if you prefer,) first on ps4, and lately on PC. I've bought dlc on ps4 totalling about $100 australian - and the same on pc to enjoy the rods and keepnet I had on ps4 as they won't transfer.

Roughly $200 AUD out of my pocket. No real problems there, as I don't mind (to a certain extent) paying for something I enjoy.

I'm levelling up on PC and just returned from a Florida trip where I earned about $6400 - not a great trip due to me not smashing it - just farming Bass and Snook and generally enjoying the fishing.

I exit to a $5300 repair bill - on one dlc reel and dlc keepnet.

Over five thousand dollars in repairs. On top of a $4000 one day license in florida

This sort of thing is simply beyond a joke. I'm trying real hard to stay behind this game as I enjoy what it offers - like I say, I don't expect to play a averagely crafted game for nothing.

But to get punished again and again - whether it be exorbitant license fees, the fact you can use certain bait for real money - until you level higher (do you really need to be level 34 and pay $200 before you can put a piece of corn on a hook?), or utterly ridiculous repair costs - I'm struggling here people. 

A lot of youtube posters who I've enjoyed have jumped ship, and even though - while playing I've chatted with a lot of cool people in game and generally enjoyed my time with FP.

I know you can grind, as I've done so on both console and pc. However constantly butting heads with the unfair finance system in this game has gotten past being enjoyable.

I don't know - make it a little easier on players, lose the "greed is good" mantra - and for god's sake update the graphics (especially reflections that update several seconds after turning,) then FP may rival other fishing sims out there.

Me, I wish I could get my PC DLC $$ back.





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Small tip that might save some money:

The more expensive an item is in the shop, the higher the repair bill will be. If you know you wont fill a big net everyday ingame, maybe its worth it to take a bit smaller net and save on some repair costs at the end of the trip.

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