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Major Spring Update. Patch note 1.0.8


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Hey guys!
Happy to announce that a Major Update has arrived with cool new features and improvements, some of which you’ve been waiting a very long time for! So here’s a full overview of this update’s essential points, covering the new features as well as the redesign of some existing functions and giving insight on how it all works:

1. Navigation: depth map and markers. 


We added a navigation tablet showing a waterway map that you can use without leaving your fishing spot by simply pressing the ps_triangle.png.f893b004c97eb1254680c3a3b26dd841.png button! This map will show detailed info on the bottom shape and depth of the initial waterway (Lone Star) as well as provide a general description for the bottom terrain of other rivers and lakes. Not only does this map make navigation easier, but it also allows you to leave Markers to highlight your latest fishing spots and add a corresponding description, as well as randomly mark places on the water surface with special Marker Buoys. But what’s even cooler is that you can share your Markers with friends!

2. Photo Mode.


Now you can capture and share your moments of triumph with others by taking beautiful photos of yourself holding that trophy catch from different angles! Just press the ps_square.png.42f4503ae5991a6419ae30e76a310b6f.png button while you are still holding the fish and adjust the screen angle to your liking. You can also choose whether or not you want the fish stats to be displayed on your photo.
The Photo Mode in this current iteration is a feature that only prepares the screen for a shot, allowing you to get a beautiful frozen frame of your catch, which you can take a picture of yourself - either by using an actual camera or by making a regular screenshot of your computer screen. We do plan to implement social network support with sharing options in the future, that will let you automatically take a in-game picture and post it to your social page. Photo Mode is available both for bank fishing and boat fishing.

3. Tackle Templates and Setups.


Templates for your favorite tackle combos are finally here! Simply select a free slot in the Templates Menu to save the your current tackle set-up and reassemble it whenever you need with just one click! And you can even share your set-up Templates with friends!

4. Limited Home Storage and Inventory Expansion.
Yep, guys. Now that we’re introducing a true-to-life limited Home Storage, you’re gonna have to manage your space by getting rid of excess junk that you’re used to carrying around!  All the existing users will get enough storage slots for all their existing inventory so you won't be required to get any additional slots after the update. However you'll need to manage the inventory wisely not to run out of space in the future. But for those who still insist on more storage space, we’re adding a new option of Storage Boxes for inventory expansion that you can get as part of Packs or from the in-game Store under the new SERVICES tab. Later on, you’ll also be able to get Storage Boxes as prizes for various in-game activities. Please note that additional storage boxes go with each fishing Pack, so after purchasing one you'll automatically get all the storage slots you need for it.

5. Lure Buoyancy Fixed.

Let’s look at the two main problems regarding lure buoyancy that existed up until now, and how we fixed them, in this simple BEFORE/AFTER overview:

PROBLEM 1: The time it took lures to sink to the bottom.
BEFORE: All lures regardless of their weight would sink at identical speed. Be it a 4-gram spinner or a 56 gram bass jig, they’d go down the same.
AFTER: Now, just like in real life, a lure’s WEIGHT directly affects how fast it sinks. So now, it'll take more time for a light lure to go down than for a heavier one.

PROBLEM 2: How the lures parted from the bottom on slow retrieves.
BEFORE: Some lures would hardly take off the bottom when you made a retrieve using the first or second reeling speed. This would happen regardless of the lure’s weight. Heavy or light - they all behaved the same when you were making a retrieve, which of course wasn’t very realistic.
AFTER: Now, most of the lures will be showing some action even at the slowest retrieve speed, with the lighter lures lifting off the bottom and having more buoyancy than the heavier ones. Awesome, right?

6. New Physics.
1) fishing line made more rigid 
2) lure hydrodynamics improved
3) improved collision rendering 
4) line tension and rod tip action improved upon lure hitting the bottom 
5) effect of wind on the lure

7. Wind direction indicators and Cardinal Directions added.
Now you know where True North is and which way the wind is blowing

8. New sounds.
An extensive reworking of background sounds and the sound of wind added.

9. New Challenge for exploring added at every waterway.

Enjoy exploring the game's waterways and their picturesque premises for a certain number of days in a row to complete all three stages of each challenge.

10. Changes to rule settings of competitions.
We fine-tuned the rules for all competitions based on the maximum total fish weight in your Keepnet: Cheesy Cat, Yellow Perch Goldrush, Fly like a Butterfly Swim like a Bass, Sturgeon in the Dark, Big Red Fish. As of now, the size of your Keepnet no longer affects the result and all fish count, including the ones you let go.

11. Convenient Support Form.
We added info on how to reach us, as well as a convenient support contact form directly from the game! You can access this new function from the Support tab in the Settings menu. 
In the future, we’ll make it possible to attach a screenshot to your support message. 
Please keep in mind, that the Support team’s reply will be sent to the email address you used upon registration

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I really dont get the money grab talk . It gave me 785 storage space as i kept everything i ever bought( spent 500000 on stuff for achievement ) . It could hurt the new players but really how much do you need . We all knew it was coming so i say if you didnt prepare it your fault . After talking to others storage was handled strange as i have level 40 players who only got 218 . 

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1 hour ago, Hate_ful said:

I really dont get the money grab talk . It gave me 785 storage space as i kept everything i ever bought( spent 500000 on stuff for achievement ) . It could hurt the new players but really how much do you need . We all knew it was coming so i say if you didnt prepare it your fault . After talking to others storage was handled strange as i have level 40 players who only got 218 . 


I don’t really have a problem with it yet.  I’m just lvl 26 and it gave me 133 (currently 50 more than the 83 I’m using).  I also get that they need to make money on a game that is pretty much completely FTP if you want it to be. I think the incredibly slow means of getting baitcoins is the more frustrating part.  I still love the game and I’m sure I’ll be fine.  Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning hehe. 

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Sounds good except for the home storage being limited thing... luckily I have quite a bit of stuff stashed there so I should get a decent number of slots. I won't find out until this massive update is done downloading. Been downloading all day and it'll take all night too. Really didn't want to have to leave my PS4 on that long. I don't have a high speed connection.

Any plans to not require online play? Why is it always necessary if I am in a private room by myself with no other players? If so, I could be playing it now while it updates.

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7 minutes ago, Support_Team said:

It is better to ask Sony support as it depends on them. 

Ok, if i understood, we must wait until sony allowed this option for gamers, because i make a research and is not alowed yet...so this is why you dont put the option directly on the game ?

Thx again for your help .

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I thought the game was a bit glitchy before but Whoa! after this update it is almost unplayable. A fresh install didn't make things any smoother. The animations look even weirder and the audio is a little messed up too. I think it made the game even worse.. so happy its warm out so I can fish my local rivers and reservoir now! I stopped playing the game because I was getting bored even while catching 5-10+ unis per day at my favorite location. I have even caught 6 unis back to back in the same day. I was hoping the update would maybe breathe new life into the game but sadly it has not imho. I think you should have left the lures alone and the bobber is acting up too( shows it sideways while the minnow is swimming around freely). I guess I will have to wait for new waterways to be added to see if it's really worth coming back to. However, I must add the game is very fun and addicting but has become less rewarding after ranking up numerous times.

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