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Sinkers not sinking correctly especially at White Moose


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Anyone has an issue with bottom rods not sinking correctly especially at White Moose?

When you set up a rod and put in the rod holder, one out of every 3 or 4 times, your sinker do not set on the floor correctly and will not be able to catch any fish.  On occasion, you will get the message saying the that the "Fish Got Away" but not all the time and thus the rod just idle and useless.

The way to fix it is that you need to check every rod again after you put them on the rod holder and ensure that the animation of the sinker lying down on the lake floor is shown or no animation is shown.  If the sinker is standing up or doesn't hit the floor, you need to reel it in a little to ensure the animation of the sinker lying down is shown.

I think this is an old issue, but it becomes an annoyance during the Christmas event in which you set fireworks and no fish bits because the sinkers on the rods you set up are not completely sinking onto bottom or stuck in the "standing up" position.

Have anyone looked into this?

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