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More Events for different time zones


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Sorry if its beating a dead horse, but didn't see it in the forum.

Can devs please think of more events at different time slots? I find for my timezone, alot of the events are in random weird time slots that are really not convenient for where we are.
Also there are events I would love to participate in but because of their time slots, I can't.

This is played all over the world and the events should reflect that. Right now it doesn't.

More of a variety would also be good like any lure/bait FL large mouth event :)))


BTW Awesome game !! (Just dont let it stagnate)

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I wish the devs would increase the number of events.  Maybe have pro and amateur comps running around the clock at the same time.  There have been some events that I haven't been able to participate in for over 2 months due to the scheduling.  Thanks.

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