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Stop and Go technique

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That answer doesn't really help as it's pretty much what people do anyhow. Basically you're telling him to do something different. 


I've found that it doesn't matter much as long as I have the technique displayed. I've caught nothing with 3 dots and filled a basket with just one. It seems some rod and reel and line combinations have adverse affects on certain presentations. 

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The stop&go technique can be very efficient to catch fish. The speed you want to use per lure can vary. the heavier the lure is the more reelspeed you have to use.

The technique I use is to keep the lure in the middle between ground and topwater. Works fine for me, but I think you will have to experiment to find your own.

Btw. the 56g lures can't even be lifted properly at speed 3...

I hope this helps you.

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If you are still having trouble and have tried the suggestions above, and it's affecting your production, remember this: Alaska has a strong current. Stronger than any other waterway.  If you are using light tackle lures 3/4 oz or less, then it will be effected by the strength of the river current when retrieving your lure.  The heavier lures (2oz) seem to be affected less.

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I seldom use pure stop and go, instead I use combinations that transition into one another, for example straight or slow straight that transitions into stop and go every 5m to 10m.


as slow straight, straight and stop and go will transition into each other with very high reliability, though the amount of lures/reel combinations means that there are only a few combinations that will easily transition all 3 states (slow straight > straight > stop and go > slow straight > straight > stop and go), most lure/reel combinations will only transition two, i.e. from one of the "straight" modes into stop and go then back into one of the "straight" modes.


however some lure/reel combinations that will only transition two modes on a single reel speed will transition all three (slow straight > straight > stop and go > etc > etc) if you change the reel speed mid transition, so instead of doing slow straight > stop and go, you do slow straight > reel speed up change into straight > stop and go (reel speed down at the stop) > etc, which is made easer if you have reel speed on the mouse-wheel and buttons on the keyboard next to the key you use to strake etc too.


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I have tried to get the three circles and have only achieved it many times.  To that end, I have tried to get no circles and have achieved that also.  That said, I personally have not noticed any difference in how the fish bite.  It seemed random to me.  I used the stop-and-go, lift-and-drop,  straight pull, and even a CRAZY combination of all three.    I looked like I was having an attach of something  lmao.  Yet again, it didn't seem to matter.  I reeled in fish doing it all.


I guess my point is, do what feels comfortable to you and eventually you will catch fish.



My 3 cent's  😉


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