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Let's not forget the good.


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With all the current topics about comps, blue screens, lag, the upcoming trash ( that was me ), bugs etc, let's not forget why we're all here.

To any newcomers to the forum it probably seems all we do is moan about everything we dislike. And I think that would be a perfectly justifiable opinion.

However, those of us who have been playing the game since the early days have also been the first to congratulate the team on all the improvements they've made to the game. And honestly, the pros far outweight the cons.

It says a lot that there is a core group of players who are still here and still playing. We may gripe, we may take a break ( I did ), we may question things and we may seem to be overly negative sometimes.

But ultimately, we complain so bitterly because we love the game. A bit of research shows the direction the devs want the game to go in, and if they can pull it off we are in for some good times.

The Christmas event I think is a good example of an event that was almost universally acclaimed as superb in that it brought so many of us together and was a genius move on the part of the devs. Conversely, the Halloween gar event was marred by the glitched Vampire Gars and the Paddies day event was far too short to realistically be able to complete both challenges ( they did acknowledge that one in all fairness ). I did actually have the joint biggest Rowdy Bass of that event - albeit one hour before it ended and the leaderboards were wiped. But I got me a screenshot 😉

Never have I played a fishing game ( it's not a sim ) that was so enjoyable, never have I met such a friendly community and never have I seen people brought together in the way the Xmas event was orchestrated and performing selfless actions for the benefit of others.

So yep, there may be a lot of whining and whinging going on right now with some critiscism, but, as fickle as any mob, watch us all congratulate the team the next time they introduce something good.

The Xmas event is definitely the feather in their cap though, they need to learn from that one and find ways to make all other events bring the community together again.

Personally, I can't wait for December even if it's a straight repeat of last years.

But we all need to remember one thing - this is a damn good game, the devs are only human and we all make mistakes 😉

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  • Developers

Thank you for the kind words. We are listening to everybody's feedback and the team is doing their best to develop new content for newcomers as well as our veteran players. It takes a very long time (As you all have noticed), but that's because there is so much more than just creating a new map and simply just adding new fish into the game. It doesn't work like that - new fish AI has to be developed and tested, different bugs and glitches need to be figured out and fixed and so on. It is difficult with a very small team, but they are working hard to do their best. 

There's a lot more coming than what we have talked about and shown on our social media. Can't wait for you guys to experience it all. Thank you for sticking with us! 

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Every critiscism should be seen as feedback. Yes, opinions get heated, but that's what forums are for.

You know as well as I do that if FP said they were pulling the plug this forum would degenerate into a slagging match within seconds.

But the fact that a hell of a lot of early adopters are still here says everything that needs to be said.

I am the first to denounce anything negative, but I'm also right up there when something works, and works well. And a lot of users who I know will admit the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.

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I agree completely, the work they put in is much appreciated, although I do wish the last update had not occurred tbh. It was fine for a few days, but then it's like something got corrupted and it hasn't been the same since. It's hard to enjoy the game when the fish are just... not here. Or not biting. Or can't be hooked when they strike. I tried to play for a few minutes tonight, just stayed in Texas, and I caught one fish in 40 minutes of irl game play. The only fish that hit my lure. That just doesn't seem right to me. That's really my only gripe at this point since I've been lucky not to experience other bugs to the severe extent that others have. I've only lost one lure to Bigfoot, and have never seen a blue screen. But that one bug, glitch, lag, whatever it is... it runis the game entirely. I'm afraid to even go anywhere else cause of the atrocious catch ratios. But I'm not blaming anyone or dissing the devs at all, but something is very clearly not right somewhere.

I also agree about the events. Unfortunately I haven't been playing that long, so the only I got to take part in was in the catching of the rowdy bass during the St. Paddy's event. I was just a level 19 and had my hands more than full, but out of three that I hooked, I got one. Not the biggest, but I thought it was awesome! Note the excitement in my in-game chat comment below lol. So long as the above issue is corrected I look forward to the next event (Halloween?).


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