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Hey guys, so i´ve been playing this game for the last month or so. wondering if there is an official list of all competitions and how they rotate, weekly, 2-weeks or monthly.

Also i would like to know if there is away of playing all competitions ones you are high ranked. For example SCHOOL BASS is always max lvl 13, so i cant access it any more since i`m low 30's atm


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Thanks for the reply.

I´ve seen both types for the same competition, one will say (amateurs) and will be locked for higher ranked players, and there will be an other one, with the same name and same requirements (maybe changes the time and weather) and will be available for all players (minimum rank required tho).


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Having a list, other than the in-game list would be a bit difficult.  Since there are players all over the world.  The in-game list The times are adjusted to your time zone, so you know when registration begins and when the Competition starts.  But it is a thought. 

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I get what you mean, but i mean a more general list, with the most relevant info.

Not a live-up-dated with live scores in real time, that a whole other story.

I've been trying to make a list and here an example

BIG BOWFIN HUNTING, at Mudwater River


Between Thursday may31st until  Wednesday June 13th


For Amateurs: 2 different types (some can repeat)

1- Day, cloudy,  72 ºF  (22 ºC)

2- Day, cloudy, 75 ºF  (24 ºC)


For non-Amateurs: 3 different types (some can repeat)

1- Day, cloudy,  72 ºF  (22 ºC)

2- Day, sunny, 73 ºF  (23 ºC)

3- Day, cloudy, 75 ºF  (24 ºC)


ALL OTHER REQUIREMENTS are the same for this named competition.


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