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Problem with waterway pricing? Non viable lakes


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I don't think that for lower level users (under 18) it's viable to go to other waterways.

For the time spent + money / exp gained lonestar just out-competes everything else.  A $200 license with a 3200 net (for 20kg) beats out anything.  The next easiest is mudwater with a 1200 minimum + license for an 1800 net, and that's with getting bass + trophies.  The time spent on both waterways was about equal as well.

There has to be a change to the lower level waterways to make them a viable place for new people to go to, currently I've lost 3 of my friends who I tried to get into this game because they just bankrupt themselves trying out the new places.

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This game rewards planning and preparation. Never just go to a waterway with only a telescopic rod. Always upgrade the keepnet. Try to use the internet to find out what fish pay good en how to catch them.

Im not sure if you know this, but its possible to spend multiple days at 1 waterway to make profit. The travel price is a 1 off and after you get there, all you need to pay is the staying fee. This is way less then the travel fee. Use the "T" button to skip to the next day, which starts at 5 in the morning.


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I have this problem with the game. I want to go to other places, but aside from recent issues I have having, they are juts way too expensive to try! I want to do florida and st. croix but the license + travel fees.... are just ridiculous! I'm not convinced I can fill my keepnet well enough to make any sort of profit. Fishing for bass is fine, but weight wise they take a long time to fill a net! I didn't spend a lot of time per irl day fishing in the game. It'd be better if the license was for game days rather than irl days. Maybe then I'd gamble it!

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We all started at the bottom in this game...  And although I can sympathize with new player frustrations,  the whole point is to start at the lower level lakes, learn the game, i.e. how to budget your money, learn how and when to use the different equipment, learn where the fish are etc, etc, etc.  Thus you will have the skills and knowledge to fish on the more expensive lakes so that you earn your coin and experience points.


Trying to fast-track will only leave you broke, and having to pull cash out of your pocket to continue playing...  Trust me, I learned that the hard way  lol...


Also, there are plenty of people who are more than willing to help, in addition, there are LOTS of YouTube videos for the different lakes that show how to gain maximum coin and exp.


My advise, enjoy the game.  don't try to push through it.


My 3 cents  ;-)

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