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On 6/5/2018 at 12:20 AM, nordak76 said:

Maybe not as pointless as it seems, from Dennis_FP regarding patch 1.2.4:

Hello, Dear Anglers! 
Patch Note  1.2.4  is a minor update that includes:

  • optimization of the inventory - now it works 2 times faster.
  • underwater items (details below).
  • snagging and bouncing lure and curving rod issue fix.
  • complex bugfix.

   While we are working on the new European waterways and lots of new fish, here is a fun update for you in the meanwhile. As Fishing Planet is aimed to give you a fully realistic fishing experience now you can catch some underwater items and creatures, just like IRL.
   Also underwater items are a part of a new complex feature - Mission System which will be released with the next update. In the future you will be able to use them to complete different tasks. 
   Underwater items do not influence the probability to catch fish in any way, you might get them only after the snag. Do not miss the chance to use them to explore the underwater world of the waterways.

Go and try your chances to catch one of the following items and creatures:

  • Turtle, Crayfish and Shells, 


  • Variety types of Weed,


  • Other stuff as Boots, Plastic Bags, Sticks.


   We also added a possibility to catch up lost lures.

   You can either keep or release caught stuff (except for the creatures), if you decide to keep it, it will be visible in your inventory .

Enjoy and tight lines!

Way cool.

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ok, i know, old thread ..... but...

since new update, several things regarding basically catching all trash ...

Two (2) questions/requests:

 - does anyone know, if or where you can find a list of the locations (waterways) of all TRASH that we have to "catch and take"?

- Devs, please make it possible, that when you catch and take "anything required for a mission trophy", DURING a competition or a tournament, it counts as completed

(this request is based on the fact that we "catch" and sometimes even can take the item, meaning that we do complete the full requirement)


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8 hours ago, J-Reacher01 said:

So fellow fishermen & fisherwoman, it’s 2021….. What’s the Point In Keeping these Items? They just take up space STILL!! 

Some of the mission require you to catch and keep them.  However, once the mission credits you for the item you can delete it from your inventory.  Just check the mission tab on the inventory menu to see what you need to keep and what you have credit for.


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On 2/14/2022 at 5:24 PM, atlondon said:

Can anyone help me. I'm trying to get the underwater items at River Tiber for the junk scavenger challenge and haven't been able to find anything,  despite casting at various locations.  Can anyone help? 


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