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The Dev Diaries: Missions

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With regard to our community’s multiple requests for more information about the coming update, this time we’ll be telling you about the new Missions system that we’ve been working on for months straight! Underwater items are actually a part of this functionality that already saw the light of day in the previous update. But now we’re actively finalizing this full feature’s first iteration. One thing’s for sure - whatever your game level, you guys will love this update!;) So if you happen to catch an old boot - don’t get disappointed too quickly - it just might be the mission key to finding a real treasure! 

When you first started playing Fishing Planet, the one thing you had to go through was the game tutorial. But learning new stuff and improving existing skills is something one should be doing all the time, right? And that’s exactly why we’re introducing Missions - to make sure you’re always up to speed when it comes to the game’s newest features and secrets! 
Worry not, angler! We haven’t forsaken the FP’s expansion, and the core part of our team is diligently creating new waterways and introducing more fish species! But in the meantime - why not test your skills by completing our fun new Missions? 

So what are Missions? Well, basically Missions are a system of objectives to help the player master new mechanics by introducing him to game content through engagement in various activities. This is a rather complex feature, and therefore we divided it into a number of iterations. 


Missions  of the first iteration are tutorial in nature, based entirely upon the learning process to help the less experienced players get a better understanding of the game, like how to choose the best tackle and baits. 
But at the same time, there’s quite a lot to be gained here even by the more experienced anglers.  


Missions are available to all players. Perhaps there’s a certain feature you overlooked or great fishing spots you were missing all along - you might be surprised by the cool thing you can discover while completing Missions! 
All Missions include a number of tasks for the player to complete and will be available all throughout the game, depending on your progress, waterway, fish  and object you catch. In short, it’s a great way to go over some stuff you might have missed!;) 

We should also point out, that Missions are not mandatory - meaning, you can decide for yourself whether you want to participate or not. But we do hope that you’ll see more incentive in getting various rewards, that will depend on the Mission’s difficulty level. And of course, Missions are a great way to explore the beautiful nature surrounding the waterways, when you want to take a break from fishing. 

These first tutorial Missions will feature hints to help understand what’s required of the player to complete them.  


Now, the second iteration of Missions will focus on engaging the most experienced players of higher levels. These Missions are designed for pro-anglers and those who never take the easy way out!;) The implied tasks will require a lot of effort and skill on your part, but with great rewards to match the sweat and tears you put in! These Missions will be introduced a bit later - because there’ll be hundreds of them! And we wish to present you with a finished, high quality output, which in turn requires much time for development and testing.  


Once the Missions are released, you can test yourself and find out just how well you know the game, as well as learn some cool things! So brace yourself for new adventures!;) 

Speaking of Missions, maybe you have some interesting thoughts and ideas on the tasks you'd find interesting and would like to see in the game?

We will show you more screenshots next week

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I actually like this a lot and can't wait to try it out! The beginner missions could be a great way to help people get used to the game and equipment. The tutorial is just not enough to explain all the different gear and lures and spinning techniques to beginners. Like most people, I had to do the research on my own by watching youtube videos, studying spread sheets, and trying stuff out. Not everybody is gonna be motivated enough to invest that much time in research.

Also, the missions for high-level players could have great potential. Stuff like "catch X fish / kg in one day", "catch 5 different uniques in one day in michigan", "catch a unique fresh water drum with spinning equipment", etc. pp. would be awesome! Even better, if there were some nice rewards. Like X-Series stuff, bait coins, unlimited licensed, a nice jacket, etc. Really looking forward to this. Especially with the buggy tournaments and competitions.

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Had a taste of the missions in the beta testing and I will admit as an old player of level 40, skill rating 13 that there are a few things that I had over looked, along with a few fishing spots that I would not think of, the next major expansion will, I hope, top the Fishing Planet title to the top fishing sim on the market, you guys are without doubt the 'Mutts Nuts' as we say here in the UK, keep up the superb work.

Tight lines all.

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