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2 hours ago, Violentvole said:

Decided to brave this qualifier. Caught loads of regulars with no problems, I'm bracing myself for what happens when I hook a uni. Put controller down then rant and rave, not throw controller at TV.

Actually, I'm sat here wondering how the hell this guy has 10 bass averaging 9.5lbs when everyone else is catching regular and the odd trophy.

FP - 2 games in one.

You obviously didn’t practice enough!

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1 hour ago, Tmif said:

Top 5 for most of my tourney until the uni time starts everyone passed me by. Managed to catch an 11 lber. Smallest fish in net was 7.1 lb and last I checked was 15 lbs behind. And as soon as the horn sounds.....blue error!

Interesting how most people can catch a uni or two at the most and others catch them like trophies.

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2 hours ago, Support_Team said:

We are very sorry you have encountered this issue. We added an optimization in the last patch to avoid this troubles but it seems it was not enough. We'll investigate this issue and will try to improve optimization to avoid this irritating case it the future tournament.

Thank you!

To me, personally, it seems your optimizations helped a little bit with the competitions. I was able to finish The Muskie Topping comp yesterday without any blue-screens. The lags have gotten less, but are still there. The VBO Qualifiers were still kind of frustrating though. Furthermore, I now get blue screens when the fish bites, or while I'm drilling the fish. Before, they only used to appear at the exact moment when I got the fish out of the water, and it shows the stats. Makes it a little bit easier to cope with, as that fish will - in most cases - still count.

Several guys in chat at the VBO qualifier were ranting about this problem as well. Some of them got kicked out of the game 3 or 4 times in a row. And the handful of friends I made during the last couple of weeks are experiencing the same issue. So, even though there are probably just a couple of dozen people posting about this in the forums, it seems to be a wide-known issue. Just wanted to point that out again.

Anyways. Thank you for working on it and responding to our issues. I hope you can work something out.

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VBO qualifier 3: Blue screen after fish bites. After I restarted the game and spawned at the location, I wasn't able to look around with my right analog stick anymore. Went to the menu, right stick worked in the menu. Respawned at another location, still not able to look around. Changed location again, still nothing. Had to restart the game again to be able to use the right stick to look around again. Weird. All in all pretty decent performance. Some lags at the beginning, just 1 blue screen, a little flickering afterwards and not able to move, but after the 3rd restart it worked pretty good till the end.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Still a problem! Cost me a 7.2 brown trout today. Others said they kept getting blue screens. In the semis these cost REAL time you can't get back. I guess I meet the definition of insanity because i keep entering expecting diffetent results.

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  • 1 month later...

I have to say: WOW. Just WOW. Ever since the last update, I didn't get a single blue screen error. I've fished competitions, I've fished tournaments.. And not one time did my game crash due to some weird blue screen error (after catching a fish, or while drilling a fish).

So whatever you guys did to fix it: Thank you! Thank you so much!

I don't know why it took you so long. But I really appreciate the fact that I can now concentrate on the game, and only get frustrated by the amount of fish I catch (or don't catch) – without the added frustration of blue screen errors and screen flickering. Since everybody is just throwing hate at you guys, this one's a big thank you!

Please keep fixing the bugs, and let us enjoy the game the way it's meant to be. 

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  • 4 years later...

This makes no sense that I have all these issue with the paid version of your game. How is it that I have zero issue on the free version. Make it make sense. Like come on people spend their money on a game and expect for it to work properly. Y’all developers are full of doo doo, only because you kno there’s nothing we can do but take your bs. Shit is sad. I’ve convince people I kno to stop playing it until y’all fix this issue, which I’m sure is as simple as clicking a button. 

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