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FP support/FP devs/ Hegert, this one is for you.


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You may have noticed several threads about the bluescreen error, or you may not have.

You currently have a tournament ongoing while this bluescreen issue is affecting a lot of people. While I tend to stay away from the competitive side of things I entered this tournament for something to do. Guess what? I hooked a fish and had the bluescreen. Half expecting to log back in and find my lure has been lost too.

That fish should count, but I didn't even get to land it. I would have if the bluescreen error didn't occur.

You can put your heads in the sand on this one like you did with the crankbait issue, but the simple fact is you have a problem and it needs fixing. Pleasure fishing is fine, competitions/tourneys are not.

If you tell us you're working on it, fine. Shit happens. But so far we have yet to have any response at all, just like the crankbait issue ( was that fixed? I hardly use the things anymore, and only the shallow ones when I do ). The cynical side of me thinks that around September/October you'll announce that ' we aren't aware of any issues '.

Houston, you have a problem.

Fix it, or at least let us know you're aware of it.

Competitive fishing has always been a controversial subject here, but to hold a tournament with an ongoing issue people have been reporting for quite some time is rather obtuse to say the least.

Halloween and crankbaits all over again..

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49 minutes ago, Hegert said:

I am no developer, but I have linked this to the team. Doing what I can!

Thanks dude, nothing personal but you seem to be our only link to the team.

Please accept my apologies for dragging you into it, but everytime I click bug reports my phone tells me I don't have the client installed. Therefore, you are the only way I know how to contact the devs.

Yeah, I know, I should buy another computer.

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16 hours ago, sprinkz18 said:

So if you're not a developer then what's the DEVELOPERS mean written below your H circle?

I obviously need educating in this one :| xD

Understandable confusion, no problem. It's just a "Group" set on the forum. That's all. 

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