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Questions & Answers #4


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New faces, hair, hats/jackets in the game?

- Yes, new clothes and other stuff will be developed after releasing new waterways.
Is there any plans to put in realistic weights to fish and heavy gear to be able to pull those fish in, and an update on new maps and fish?

- Thank you for an idea, we will discuss it on the next Fishing Planet meeting.
When are the motor boats and bass boats coming?

- Motorboats, as multirods and new waterways, will be released in a few months
Is there a plan in the near future to put unique alligator gar in Louisiana waters?

- We will release almost 45 new species of fish, so it may be.
How do you imagine this game 5 years from now intend to bring a lot of new content to the game?

- Great, Updated and with happy users.
Please add more carp species, mirror carp, koi carp, grass carp etc, and make them big and fatter with big bellies on them.

 - New carp species - yes, after new waterways will be released we will add a new fish species to existing waterways.
Make it so we can see the bears in Alaska.

 - As you wish. We will implement bear after a few updates and modifications.
Please do more levels than just 40.

- 40 level is not a final point in Fishing Planet after you gained 40 level and take part in tournaments you will gain ranges.
Italian language menu, please.

- Yes, it will be added in the nearest time. Language diversity is one of our priority and we are working on making Fishing Planet accessible for every region.
Fishing Planet on Xbox. When?

- Xbox is in progress, will be released in the nearest future. Now we are making final steps to release Fishing Planet on Xbox, but we need to be sure that it would be a high-quality product.

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I just wanted to say that I played fishing planet just for a few weeks.  had no idea I even liked fishing games...of course never played one.  plenty of fishing in real life but gaming I'm more of a God of War type role playing games path of exile...etc...figured I'd try FP because it was free and lemme  tell ya that's all I've played since I got it.  nothing else. haha um the game could be a huge success  as far as I'm concerned.  I ventured out and tried that Russian fishing game....it was decent but just not really fun.  it had more content that fishing planet...kinda along the lines of a fishing role playing game.  pretty decent.  not gonna dog it.  lot of people play it.  the environment  is intense.  I mean a storm front will come thru and the wind will howl and bolts of lightning get pretty close.  you can forge for your own bait...make your own lures...things like that.  if you have played it I mean try it decide for yourself but I came back to FP because its just more fun I think.  different strokes I guess.  but the main thing I was saying is Fishing Planet could be pretty huge.  Im not sure about what im hearing as far as customer support being slow...maybe they are just a small company I don't know.  it takes a min to get to thousands of peoples questions but im not saying that's it.  maybe im just reading old posts. and things have been resolved.   I was on steam for a while.  and started a discussion about fishing planet and reshade and got baned haha for two weeks because I called out a little whiney person for just bring the negative into my forum.  I was letting people know about FP and reshade and they basically was telling me I didn't know what I was talking about...called out his ignorance and provided all the links and info needed.  no biggie I don't care.  came over here and like it better anyway.  BUT if there is no one listening to us and our suggestions whats the point?  I know its just a game its not like life or death but some have spent real money with no convo from the support group?  that's kinda lame but I don't know the whole situation.  Fishing Planet needs to start loading the tank with some rocket fuel and take off imo.   anyway I talk too much.  BRING THE MULLET BACK

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make Fishing Planet sorta like Google Earth is ya know....its half way there with the planet rotation and a few states to go fish but I'd love to zoom on in like GOOGLE EARTH and go to some of these home town spots...up and down the Mississippi....Tennessee River ..etc....be awesome but it would take some work haha OK  I'm off to see the wizard

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I would like to ask some questions to @ DENNIS_FP I hope you can answer me

1. Can you dev team improve fish AI so some fish like snook, reddrums, sometimes bass when hooked seek for structure and get stuck and sometimes be able to pull them out?

2.- Can you dev team improve the graphics of some fish like speckled peacock bass? I tell you this because for example asp, LMBass and SMBASS, catfish, trouts,, salmon,look very realistic

3.- Can you dev team make fish like snook, bass, pike family (pike and muskies) and tarpon open their mouth when they jump out of the water?

4. Can you dev team change the sound tic tic tic of the line been pulled put by the fish by a realistic one?

5.- Can you change the design of the black drum? in real life black drum is all black, the black and white stripes and colours are only when they are small 1 to 4 kgs and I think black drum has wrong weight measures, a 8 kgs black drum in game looks more like a 5 o 6 kilograms, a 22 kgs trophy black drum looks like a 12 kgs one

6. My last question is can you return the weight to the fish? I'm able to pull like nothing a 8kgs reddrum with a 15 or 22 max drag reel with a 17 kgs line or a 24 kgs line and that is impossible in real life and also can you make fish stay in the water? everyone fight a permit and the fish is half outside the water and half inside the water

I will be waiting for your asnwers, HELLO TO EVERYONE and for me is almost perfect this game, continue your hard work

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