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Winter Pike Tour: Qualifier 1 Results


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Hello everybody!

The 1st Qualifying Round of Winter Pike Tour is over and as you know, that was your 1st chance out of 3 to get through to the tournament’s Semifinal! You all bravely competed against other Pike anglers and did your best to make it into the Top-20 most proficient Pike anglers on Louisiana’s dreamy Quanchkin Lake. For those who succeed and will find themselves listed below - well done, guys! But of course, not all of you made on this first attempt… And for those, there are 2 more Qualifiers to come and 2 more chances to join the Pike angling elite in the WPT Semifinal fishing battle of January 21st in the state of New York!

1    N.A.Y.A-bulibuli
2    UA_Sergiy
3    BamBamSlams
4    UA_Igor82
5    IkanTakNakTimbul
6    MYA_Oyeen
7    N.A.Y.A-DChank
8    LFC-ToYoung2die
9    SHIMAN0
10    Z_A_N
11    KPS_Berong
12    ullerofydalir
13    COM.MY_GeneralSky7
14    Karlson3
15    N.A.Y.A-Killua
16    KPS_Tenggersank
18    LeviathanVII
19    KKA-Azrul
20    MYA_Z4NK

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