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World Cats Cup: Qualifier 1 Results


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The first qualifying game of the World Cats Cup is over! We bet that the inhabitants of Michigan have never seen such excitement and so many caught Catfish.

Congratulations to the top 20 players listed below. They’ve shown the highest fishing skill and will now be able to take part in the semifinals, which will be held on the tropical banks of the Marron River in Bolivia on March 11!

But if you didn’t find your name on the list, don't despair! Better try your luck in the second qualifying game tomorrow!

1    Sankvi
2    FritzivomFluss
3    UA_Sergiy
5    kos1904
6    shlyuz
7    N.A.Y.A-akulah02
8    MJtxr76
9    LeviathanVII
10    COM.MY_YoHemohemoi
11    KPS_Bengkahhhhh
12    musing
13    Fatnab-Toto
14    UNIC_50Cent
15    Sharkniboss
16    COM.MY_wrongHOLE
17    KrellicOG_Youtube
18    Ky3eH_Ha_4uJIe
19    HighQall
20    flappy2

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