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World Cats Cup: Semifinal Results


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Wow! That was a nail-biting watch! The muddy waters of the Marron River have never seen such a semifinal! After all, this location hosted some of the most adventurous anglers: 60 best bottom anglers showed their skills, bravely competing to catch the largest Catfish!

And here are the names of the top 20 anglers who will advance to the long-awaited finals of the first World Cats Cup in the history of Fishing Planet and compete for the title of bottom fishing champion!

1    LeviathanVII
2    ZywOo
4    UA_Sergiy
5    CG-Sparkey
6    SilumanAir
7    Sankvi
8    COM.MY_wrongHOLE
9    shlyuz
10    KPS_Bengkahhhhh
11    LFC-ToYoung2die
12    N.A.Y.A-anno20
13    COM.MY_IkanMinumKetum
14    neizinho
15    kos1904
16    UNIC_50Cent
17    Karlson3
18    2ndZen222
19    Fatnab-Toto
20    AZOV_ua

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