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Can somebody please help me out ?

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So i messed up when i was first playing the game and didnt realize what i was doing but somehow i managed to get myself -14,000 $ on the game and ever since i havent been able to do anything in it i absolutely love the game its just almost impossible to break even now but yeah if someone could help somehow itd be much appreciated. 

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Can only guess you tried fishing without a valid license, always buy an Advanced 1-day license (Basic has too many restrictions) 

Log into the game every day, 4 (IRL) days in a row $3,000, if you've got a light spinning rod and some small lures (like casting spoons #1 or #2, narrowspoons 1/0) go to Lone Star and concentrate on catching 140 spotted Bass, fill your net and forward to next day peak time (no cool-down timer for Texas).

Other options could be buying a DLC pack (maybe ask around before buying) or contacting support@fishingplanet.com with your game name, platform (Steam, PS4, Xbox etc), and a description of the problem.

Don't own "the Fisherman" version myself (published by another company), maybe try the free-to-play version if you haven't already.      


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Since you're already in debt and basically trying to start over I think your best bet would be to just download the free version as @PH_Carpman99 suggested. From what I understand The Fisherman isn't going to be getting anymore updates and even if it did get updated with the South America waterways you would still have to purchase them individually. On the free version you only have to level up to gain access to new maps.

If I remember correctly when Blue Crab Island became available on The Fisherman, players that purchased it still had to grind levels in order to unlock it.

I don't think support@fishingplanet.com will help you because support for The Fisherman is supposed to be handled by the publisher, but if you don't have any advanced licenses and want to stick with this version your only option really is to log in once EVERY single day until you are out of debt. If you forget to log in for one day the bonus will reset and start from the beginning again ($300).

The free to play version is called "Fishing Planet" (without "The Fisherman" part) in case you don't know and it is constantly evolving with new maps, features, gear, lures, baits, holiday events, etc. that you will probably never see on The Fisherman.

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Hi anyone who reads these. I have a couple questions. 1st - How do you STOP Traveling? 2nd - How do I get to my storage bin? I cannot find that and I have items in there. - 3rd & last,  when I go do the missions there are items that I can not get because the items are not available. How the heck do I get to finish a mission if the items are not there for me to finish?  Love the game but man it gets frustrating!!  Any Help WILL HELP!  
Thank you! 

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