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Unique butterfly peacock bass everglades


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Please could some one help me as im now getting very frustrated I am after catching the unique butterfly peacock bass on Everglades I have fished the waters I’ve tried all times weather day and night tried loads of different lures frog poppers jigs cranks I have also tried bobbers at different depths but this fish  eludes me i have managed to catch all the other 31 fish plus the monster on this water but can not catch this fish. Could some one please guide me to a good location, weather and time please i have used YouTube  guides but they are years old and don’t seem to work. So if anyone have any updated info I would be glad to hear it thank you 

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Butterfly Peacock Bass are daytime feeders (not normally caught at night), fish during the peak times (I like the afternoon peak), fish the right-hand side of the "The floating thickets" spawn point aiming to the left of the lily pads (sitting mid-channel) between you and the "Lily pad channel" spawn point.  Lots of lures will work, use something with a 2/0 - 4/0 sized hook, like poppers, walkers, *buzzbaits, *bass jigs or *spinnerbaits (*add a soft plastic to it), they seem to like the colour yellow.


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