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 I got banned on Windows fishingplanet , but i never cheated or did something wrong. 

My Account is F Whisperer and my son from 6 plays a couple of times a year on his account Orangeorbs. 


On steam my wife plays sometimes and i asked Diana from the support years ago if that would give some troubles.

The answer i getted was that if we play tournaments or competitions we must play at the same time.

And we did this and never have troubles with it.


My son played the last time a couple of weeks ago and never played a tournament!

So i don't get it why i was banned now !!




Dennis (F Whisperer)

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I getted this answer from the support!

Your accounts are suspended because of a violation of the Tournament rules point 1.2
Our system operates only with the "account" concept, and if all these accounts log into the game from one PC to participate in a competitive activity (no matter if they participated at a different time), it is treated as forbidden behaviour, violation of the EULA.
We can recommend to family members not to take part in this activity from the same device, the usual fishing from different accounts is not prohibited.

Best regards, Diana
Senior Customer Support Specialist


Nobody but only me played, no one els from my house played on windows in a tournament or competition. I feel really screwed now by fishingplanet!!

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I asked in 2018 Diana from the support if we would be in trouble if we organise a fishingplanet Lan party. 

I getted the answer that it is no problem, but people must play tournaments and competitions at the same time. If you play at the same time you do not cheat.

Because of that answer my wife started playing after that too on steam. Playing there togheter over 5 years now without troubles.

On windows/xbox  i only did have one account till 2022, my little son from 5 years old getted interested in what his daddy was playing.

I made an account for him and he plays sometimes, he is only lvl 28 in a year time so he didn't play verry much.

He asked me some help because he wanted to play a amateur competition fly like a butterfly. He played and getted the second place.

He was verry proud of it, one or two weeks later bass tour started. I played it and and ended at place7. I logged in the next day to show it to my son.

But then i got banned , because he played weeks before that fly like a butterfly competition :S

It's really bad that a game ban you immediately without a warning. If they would give a warning then you can do something about it.

Spended hundreds and maybe thousands of Euro's on the game and thousands of hours. And it's gone now....i really feel robbed :S












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