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Issues with controller (PS4 controller + PC)


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I took a break from the game for a few months and before then my PS4 controller worked without issues on PC with Steam. I decided to hop back in this weekend and the same controller now only works partially. The controller has completely stopped vibrating on fish strikes, I literally can't feel them at all. My husband plays on a different PC with a different PS4 controller and he feels some vibration on fish strikes, but it's almost imperceptible and nothing like it used to be.

So far we've tried the following fixes:

- Double checked that the vibration was turned on in game settings and Steam controller settings

- Verified that the controllers work as they should outside the game (the controller vibrates normally when I press "Identify" on Steam and the vibration also works when tested in DS4Windows)

- Tried playing wirelessly on Bluetooth and with the controller hooked up to the PC via USB

- Left the current location and came back, switched rods, lures etc.

- Verified game files

- Reinstalled the game twice

At this point I'm totally stumped and the only other option that comes to mind is that sometime, somehow a recent game update has messed up the controller functionality. Has anyone else had any issues with the controllers on PC recently?

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